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“What does financial freedom mean to you?”

If you ask most people, the #1 thing you need in order to be financially free is to have no debt. In fact, debt is the opposite of freedom, because it requires you to send a percentage of your monthly income to someone who you probably don’t even know.

The ReadyForZero Team

That’s us! (the ReadyForZero Team)

That’s not good.

But how would it feel to use that same percentage of your income to save up for the things you really care about? How would it feel to be on the cusp of reaching your goals?

That’s where we want to help you get to.

We write this blog for people who have debt and for those who are working to build wealth. We believe you can do it faster than you would ever imagine.

There are so many messages in our everyday lives telling us to spend money and urging us toward increasing our debt (through credit card offers, TV advertisements, 0% interest car loans, etc.). Which means that in order to get out of debt and build wealth, you need to rise above those voices and stay true to your long-term vision.

That’s where we come in.

We will be the site that’s telling you not to buy and not to spend more than you need to. We help you stay motivated, we explain personal finance in a easy-to-understand way, and… most importantly, we have fun doing it.

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  • Dave Mulford

    Love the site … Mom used to say about finances it’s not just how much you make but how much you’re willing to save. Thanks Mom! – DM.

    • Thanks so much, Dave! I’m really glad you like the site. And it sounds like your mom was a very smart woman. Glad to hear she had such wisdom about finances.