What We’re Thankful For

thanksgivingWhether you’re working today or already spending time with friends and loved ones, we hope that you’re enjoying the beginning of the holiday season! Gratitude (in addition to football, parades, turkey, and spending time with family) is the main tradition of Thanksgiving – and we’d argue it’s the most important one. In honor of this tradition, we we wanted to share with you some of the things we’re most grateful for.

We’re Thankful for the Chance to Help People

We all feel lucky to be doing work that has the possibility of making people’s lives better. Many of us know from personal experience the challenges of dealing with debt and other financial bumps in the road. From the very beginning, we’ve been on a mission to help people achieve freedom from the chains of debt so they can move forward and build brighter financial futures. We vow to never let our sights off this goal and it’s something we continue to find fulfilling and motivating on a daily basis.

We’re Thankful for our Community

It has been a thrill to see the ReadyForZero Community and Facebook group for our community grow every month. When we started this group we wanted to provide a safe place for RFZ users, readers, and graduates to talk about their debt, what motivates them, and what they struggle with. It’s not easy to talk about your finances to anyone, much less perfect strangers, but our community members embraced each other right away. It’s wonderful to see the words of wisdom and motivation shared amongst the group members, especially when someone (myself included) expresses frustration with a debt payoff journey that sometimes seems like it’s taking too long. Our great hope is that more and more people will join this community and support each other so we can finally lift the taboo of talking about finances. The more we talk about these topics, the more we can help each other.

We are also grateful – and could never have anticipated – that our successful users would stick around and continue offering their own tips and inspiration to other people, long after they became free from debt! From Nick, who is still paying off his debt and willing to share his story with anyone who’s interested, to Jennifer, who keeps us on our toes to reach our own debt payoff goals, to Katrina, who shares insights about her debt-free journey, and Marc, who offers his creativity and ideas to us and visits our office whenever he comes to San Francisco! Last but not least, there’s Carrie, who paid off her debt using ReadyForZero and now shares her experience and tips through her writing on many different websites and her own blog.

We’re Thankful for Our Team

As many of you know, we’re still a pretty small team. In fact, we all work in the same room together! Close quarters plus long hours could equal tension in the office, but fortunately, that’s not the case with us. We look out for each other and our shared mission unites us in working together toward our goal.

Plus, every member of our team has their own unique skill set and personal interests, which means there’s never a dull moment in our office. For example, Marshall’s background in music has led to an influx of instruments laying around the office which anyone picks up at a moments notice to take a break. His baking skills aren’t half bad either, leading us to nickname his famous cinnamon buns the “Brekka buns.” Claire and “Benwo” (we have a few Ben’s in our office) also have some mean baking skills and we’re still hoping there will be a bake-off soon! Then there’s Ben, whose background in political science keeps us all up to date on important changes in government policy and Benny, who can fix any bug that pops up in the product and will even take you out to lunch for a hot dog if you’re lucky. And Gene and Karl, who always have a lighthearted joke to ease you through a stressful day.

We even spend time outside of the office together. Bobby is an avid skier and makes sure we all see the outdoors every once in awhile and Kristina encourages us to work from coffee shops as a team for a periodic change of scenery. Our founders, Rod and Ignacio, also make sure we have a field trips so we can take a few hours to decompress and enjoy the beautiful city we live in. Having such a tight-knit team is a luxury and one that we’re not going to take for granted anytime soon. This Thanksgiving we are truly thankful to work with a group of people who help make each day better for each other and our users.

Finally, it can’t be mentioned enough how thankful we are for YOU. Thank you for giving us your feedback and supporting us throughout the years. And we hope you all have a wonderful, restful holiday!

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  • Cait Flanders

    Happy Thanksgiving, RFZ! I’m thankful to have met all of you, and that you let me work from Bobby’s desk while I was in San Fran… but shh, don’t tell him! 😛

    • Shannon_ReadyForZero

      Thanks Cait! We had a blast when you visited us :). Come back again soon!