Weekly Shout Outs: Side Hustle Edition

Weekly Shout Outs: Side Hustle SeriesAre you tired of looking for ways to cut spending in order to pay off debt? What about earning extra money instead? It’s becoming more and more common these days for people to pick up a side hustle to increase their income. A side hustle can help you pay off debt or it can help you save up more money for the future. If this is something you’ve been thinking about, take a look at some of these articles to determine if a side hustle is right for you.

It Might Be Time to Make Some More Money (Living in Financial Excellence)
Can’t get yourself to take that first step to make more money? Living in Financial Excellence dishes out some tough love in explaining why you should if you’re on a journey to pay off debt.

Why Everyone Should Have a Side Job or Freelance Gig (Careful Cents)
Still not sure? Our friend Carrie Smith gives all the reasons to do a side hustle – you may even have a new and exciting career open up to you in a talent you didn’t know you had!

Low Paying Part Time Jobs Are Worth More Than You Think (My Dollar Plan)
What if you’ve been thinking about working a second job, but feel that part time jobs don’t pay enough to be worth your time? My Dollar Plan may just convince you otherwise.

35 Side Hustles to Make Extra Money (Bargaineering)
Are you interested in earning extra money but want some fresh new ideas that don’t involve working in restaurants or retail stores? Bargaineering lays out numerous options that are interesting to say the least.

Side Hustle Series: I’m an IT Freelancer (Budgets Are Sexy)
If you’re a reader of Budgets Are Sexy then you already know about their Side Hustle Series. They offer in-depth profiles of people who’ve found side hustles that work for them.

Side Hustle Success Story: Jaime Ortiz (Smart Money Chicks)
If you love reading profiles of successful side hustlers, then you’re in luck! We’ve got even more success stories from Smart Money Chicks.

If you’re busy working that new side hustle on top of your day job, then you’ll need some help monitoring important aspects of your finances like your credit score. Luckily, Credit Karma just released a new mobile app to help you do just that. Download the app for free to your iPhone and you’ll be able to stay on top of your credit no matter where you are! What if you want to check your progress in paying down debt as well as your credit score? Download our new app for free on your iPhone. Between these two apps you’ll have everything you need to know about your finances on the go!

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