Weekly Shout Outs: Veteran’s Day Edition

Weekly Shout Outs: Veteran's Day EditionVeteran’s Day is the only day each year that we collectively give thanks to our veterans and service members for bravely sacrificing their finances, time with their families, and even their lives for our country. But they make these sacrifices each day of the year. To honor them now, we’re sharing posts from blogs that help veterans organize their finances as well as share things we can do to help them when they return home. Thank you to all our veterans and active service members and we hope you enjoy this post!

Veterans Day 2012 Military Deals and Discounts (Smart Military Money)
If you’re a veteran or active service member, then there are a lot of discounts available to you and your families today! Smart Military Money lists them here.

Financial Tips for New Military Members (The Military Wallet)
Joining the military can have a big impact on your finances. The Military Wallet shares in-depth information to help you plan for your future.

Best College-Savings Options for Military Families (Kiplinger)
Are you a parent in the military? Kiplinger talks about things you can do to start planning for your children’s college education.

How to Pay for School When You Run Out of GI Bill Benefits (The Military Wallet)
What if you’re in college yourself? The Military Wallet has a comprehensive list of what you can do to stretch your GI Bill benefits, plus what to do if you run out.

Help Wounded Warrior Project (Army Wives’ Lives)
The Wounded Warrior Project helps veterans with traumatic brain injuries or loss of limb heal and get back to their normal lives. Army Wives’ Lives talks how you can help.

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