Weekly Shout Outs: Snowy Spring Edition

Snowy SpringSpring has finally sprung, although many in the U.S. are experiencing another big snowfall. It’s hard to imagine that another snowstorm could be hitting this time of year, but hopefully warm weather and spring showers will be just around the corner. So what should you do if you’re stuck at home waiting the weather out? How about getting your finances in order for the coming months! Take a look at some of these great blogposts fo find ways to reorganize your finances so you can be outside enjoying the weather when the snow melts!

Spring Cleaning and Making Some Extra Cash (Not Made of Money)
Getting rid of old stuff can lead to a windfall in your bank account! Read about how this blogger plans to do so and make some extra money this year.

6 Reasons Spring Cleaning Can Save You Money (Surviving and Thriving)
Need a little more proof that spring cleaning can actually save you money? Donna Freedman lists some reasons we hadn’t even thought of here.

Storage Space and Spring Cleaning (The Simple Dollar)
How much storage space do you need? Check out this challenge to reduce your goods and storage needs so you can downsize and save money.

Spring Means Spring Cleaning (Young Adult Money)
Extend your spring cleaning on to your computer. Things like organizing the files on your computer can lead to more productivity and space.

5 Steps to Spring Clean Your Credit (Credit.com)
While we’re on the topic of spring cleaning your computer, what about your credit report? Here are a few ways that you can shape it up.

5 Tips for Reducing Financial Stress (Good Financial Cents)
If all of this gets to be a bit overwhelming, take a break to read this blogpost. You’ll find really great strategies for reducing stress and going for your goals.

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Spring Cleaning for Your Career (The Daily Muse)
Before you finish your spring cleaning, don’t forget to take the same steps for your career! This article shares multiple resources to help you get started.

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