Weekly Shout Outs: Retirement Planning Edition

Weekly Shout Outs-Retirement EditionHave you thought about saving for retirement lately? I know, I know, retirement may feel like a million years away. But the fact is if you want to spend your golden years laying in the sand, traveling, or just generally relaxing – not sitting in an office – then you need to start planning now (regardless of your age). That’s why we’re listing some great articles to help you figure out how to get your retirement savings in order now.

I Don’t Want to Eat Dog Food When I Retire (See Debt Run)
Not convinced you really need to be thinking about retirement yet? Take a look at this article and you may find yourself thinking a little differently.

Save More for Retirement: 5 Easy Steps to Greater Financial Security (Len Penzo dot Com)
Maybe you are convinced that you need to start saving for retirement now, but you aren’t sure how to free up extra room in your budget. Here are some small changes you can make to do just that.

How You Can Party Like a Rock Star and Still Save for the Future (Good Financial Cents)
Before you can focus on retirement, it’s important to plan how to save extra money in general. Here are some tips for saving that you can use without losing out on your lifestyle.

Retirement Planning: Lump Sum or Yearly Income (Life and My Finances)
There are many different ways to approach retirement savings so you should find the one that works the best for you. Read on to compare saving based on building a lump sum or based on your yearly income.

Retirement Savings Goals Should be Based on Expenses Not Income (Five Cent Nickel)
Not everyone thinks retirement savings goals should be based on yearly income. Here’s a take on why this train of thought may be flawed and that the goal should be focused on expenses instead.

My Retirement and Debt Plan (Making Sense of Cents)
Need a little help picturing what retirement planning really could look like in your life? Read here for a breakdown of a 20-something financial blogger’s plan of action.

Is Automation Right for Your Retirement (Couple Money)
Automation is one way to make retirement savings easy and make sure you don’t forget about it. This article discusses some pros and cons to using this method for building your retirement savings.

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How Often Should I Rebalance my 401k? (Financial Samurai)
Everyone knows that the stock market fluctuates and that affects your 401k. This article examines how to determine the frequency with which you should rebalance your 401k based on your comfort level with the stock market.

6 Ways to Avoid Running Out of Money in Retirement (Wisebread)
If you’re already nearing retirement, then your focus is probably more on stretching the savings you have as far as possible. Here are some tips you can use to make that money grow.

We hope these articles help you see how retirement planning could work in your life and why it’s important! Looking for some other interesting reads this week? Take a peek at Enemy of Debt  and My Simple Info who’ve recently mentioned us. We’ve also been given the opportunity to write guest posts for our friends Credit Karma and Credit.com last week. Check ‘em out!

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