Weekly Shout Outs: Olympics Edition

Weekly Shout Outs: Olympic EditionThe Summer Olympics are finally here! Whether you’re someone who counts down to the games every four years or you’re wondering what all the buzz is about, you can still take part in the competitive spirit. So this week we’re dedicating our shout outs to the Olympics and becoming champions in our own right – personal finance champions that is. Let the games begin!


No athlete can be good at a sport without extensive training. Every athlete learns the fundamentals of their sport and then they practice, practice, practice. So, just like an athlete doesn’t become an Olympian overnight, neither can you become a personal finance champion overnight. Read these articles to get acquainted with the fundamentals of personal finance.

The Power of Choice and How You Can Reclaim Your Life by Mastering It (Enemy of Debt)
Five Financial Planning Tips for Families (My Personal Finance Journey)
5 Ways to Become a Credit Adult (Credit.com)


Now that you have a solid understanding of personal finance, you need to assess your strengths and weaknesses. Take a gymnast for example – he or she may have great technique but trouble sticking a landing. What about you? Maybe you are great at one area of personal finance – like setting a budget – but need improvement in another – like maintaining the budget daily. Here are some tips to help understand your skills.

Are You an Impulse Spender (Tackling Our Debt)
Does Your Budget Match Your Priorities? (Bible Money Matters)
5 Bad Habits That Are Sabotaging Your Finances (Personal Dividends)

Overcome Obstacles

Now that you know what your obstacles are, it’s time to overcome them. No athlete makes it to the Olympics without some struggle and the same goes for achieving financial goals. However, finding ways overcome these obstacles will allow you to move forward and achieve things you may not have even thought possible. And if paying off debt is one of your main goals, don’t forget ReadyForZero helps you set an easy to use payoff plan.

Plan to Pay Off Debt (My Money Counselor)
How to Rebuild & Fix Your Credit Score – 7 Steps to Follow (Money Crashers)


You’ve now made it through the preparation process. What’s next? Set goals and compete with yourself! You can make personal finance fun by setting goals and holding yourself accountable to them. This article gives advice on why and how you should do this.

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Do You Set Goals? If Not, Here is How You Can Benefit (Bible Money Matters)

Prepare for the Future

Congratulations – you’re well on your way to becoming a champion of personal finance! Now that you’ve learned the fundamentals, assessed your strengths and weaknesses, overcame obstacles, and achieved your goals, there’s only one thing left to do. Prepare for the future!

Make No Little Plans (Money Crush)

While we’re on the subject of personal finance champions, we want to give a shout out to One Smart Dollar who shared us on their blog last week. We also want to give a special thank you to Money Smart Life and The Daily Muse for featuring our guest posts recently. You may find these informative blogs to be very helpful in your journey to becoming a personal finance champion, so check ’em out!

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