Weekly Shout Outs: New Career for the New Year Edition

Weekly Shout Outs: New Career for the New Year EditionHappy Martin Luther King, Jr. Day! In honor of his great work in fighting for equal rights and prosperity for all, we’re dedicating this week’s shout outs to articles that can help you reach prosperity in your own life. It’s a new year and a new chance for us all to reach greater heights in our careers and finances, so enjoy these excellent tips to help you get there!

Three Steps to Earning More in 2013 (Farnoosh)
The quickest way to financial prosperity is to earn more money. Here are some tips to evaluate your situation and earn more money in the new year.

Start the Year with These Professional Development Opportunities (Idealist)
Looking to give your career a boost? Here’s a comprehensive list of nearly everything you can do to get yourself to the next level.

Today I Start My Dream Job (My Diary Entry)
It’s rare to get your dream job overnight, so if you’re not there yet, don’t worry! Read one blogger’s long road to her dream job and her now happy ending.

Six Ways to Know if Your Job is in Jeopardy – and What to Do About It (Cash Money Life)
If you fear your job might be in jeopardy, then look for the red flags to determine if it’s time to polish up the resume. Here are a few to watch out for.

The 10 Most Reliable Jobs, Lowest Unemployment Rates (My Money Blog)
If you’re searching for the right career for you and are focusing on reliability, then this is the list for you! Take a peek to see the most reliable jobs this year.

Finding Meaning Through Work (Ms. Career Girl)
Do you feel fulfilled by your work? This post talks about the idea of self-actualization and challenges us all to do work that we find meaning in.

The Top Job Search Trends of 2013 (LinkedIn)
Study new job search trends and you’ll be a head above the competition. This article tells you everything you need to know to stay on top of the game.

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Have you joined The Debt Movement yet? You still have time to enroll and help Jeff Rose of Good Financial Cents move us all to pay of $10 million of debt! Check out some of the most recent bloggers to talk about The Debt Movement:

Money Q&A
Money Talks News
The Frugalette

And finally, we’re so grateful for those who mention us on their website. Check out this list of those who’ve mentioned us in the past week and you just might find your new favorite personal finance blogger!

Debt Roundup
Farnoosh and ABC
Get Out of Debt Guy
Hull Financial Planning
Military.com Money
Modest Money
Nerd Wallet

Want some more reading for your week? Head over to Credit Karma where we talk about whether or not you should help your partner pay off his or her student loans. We’d love to hear what you think in the comments below!

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      You’re very welcome and we did list a lot of reading this week. I hope you enjoy!

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    I must be in a cave because I follow a bunch of financial peeps but had never heard of Farnoosh. Thanks for the lead to another good financial pro!

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      It can be hard to keep track of them all! I’m glad that you found her now though, because she shares some really fantastic advice!