Weekly Shout Outs: Labor Day Recovery Edition

Weekly Shout Outs: Labor Day Recovery EditionLabor Day has come and gone and now everyone seems to be getting ready for Fall. However, It’s not always easy to get back into the swing of things after a long weekend of festivities. That’s why we’re sharing the best motivational blog posts from the past week. Check ‘em out for some great reads that will help you get your head back in the game.

How to Conquer Financial Obstacles and Anything Else Life Throws at You (Careful Cents)
Carrie Smith has worked to achieve freedom from debt and to build a whole new career freelancing. She’s now sharing what she did to overcome obstacles and achieve her goals to help you do the same.

Paying Down Debt? Make Sure to Recognize Non-Financial Progress (Bible Money Matters)
Paying down debt is a long journey and it isn’t always easy to stay the course. Bible Money Matters talks about non-financial indicators that show you’re making progress so you can stay motivated.

Debt Freedom and Optimal Health is Ultimate Freedom! (Enemy of Debt)
Debt payoff? Check. Weight loss? Check. Enemy of Debt discusses how he’s achieving both and the freedom he has discovered in the process.

Our Enemy Is Resistance, and We Shall Defeat It (The Simple Dollar)
Do you find yourself procrastinating? The Simple Dollar talks about steps you can take to move forward, even through the strongest resistance.

20 Important Financial Tasks To Do Each Year (Moolanomy)
With fall comes new beginnings and an opportunity to check in on your goals for the year. To help plan for the remainder of the year and the new one ahead, Moolanomy lists 20 important financial tasks that you should do.

For Labor Day, Five Tips to Labor Less (Money Talks News)
Want financial independence? Money Talks News tells you ways to get there so you can spend your life working less and relaxing more.

8 Lessons Learned from Summer Bike Rides (Balance Junkie)
Balance Junkie talks about finding serendipity in her own back yard by taking up biking again. She’s using this experience to share life lessons that we can all learn from a good bike ride.

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See Elephant Run (See Debt Run)
See Debt Run has been sharing their story of working towards debt freedom and the ups and downs that come along with it. Now they’re taking a minute to reflect and thank the people who’ve helped them get to where they are.

Getting Out of Debt For Good (Money Crush)
Money Crush has officially become debt-free! Celebrate with them and read their story – proof that freedom from debt is possible if you never give up.

Finally, we want to give a big thank you to all the great bloggers who’ve mentioned us in the past week:

Careful Cents
Club Thrifty
Fiscal Phoenix
Green Panda Tree House
The Amateur Financier

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