Weekly Shout Outs: Go for the Gold Edition

Weekly Shout Outs: Go for the Gold EditionHave you been following the Olympics? In honor of the games, last week we shared articles that could help you become personal finance champions. This week athletes are still competing but the medal count is going up. That’s why we’ve decided to “award” some of our favorite financial bloggers and what we think were the best personal finance articles from the past week.

Gold Medal

Financial Lessons We Can Learn from Professional Athletes (Five Cent Nickel)
Athletes train long and hard to get to the top of their game. In doing so, they also have to stay on top of their finances so they can focus on their game above all else. Here are some financial lessons that we can all learn from professional athletes.

Silver Medal

4 Costly Mistakes Parents Make When Saving for College (US News)
The cost of college may be skyrocketing, but there are things parents can do to cut down on those costs – both while their children are young and even after they’re already in college. US News describes four mistakes to avoid so parents can make the most of the savings they set aside for education.

Bronze Medal

Readers Share Thoughts on Life After Debt (My Dollar Plan)
It’s easy to allow debt to take over all thoughts in your mind, since even the best laid out plans can seem to take forever and focus can be hard to maintain. My Dollar Plan shares advice for great things you can do when your debt is paid off to help you keep your eye on the prize.

Runners Up

Don’t Focus On Your Money (Fiscal Fizzle)
Just like Personal Dividends, Fiscal Fizzle points out how money management goes far beyond numbers. It’s important not to focus just on the money but rather on the small things you can do now that will lead you to your goals. A different way of thinking can make a big impact!

Managing Your Money As A Couple (Adaptu)
Managing money by yourself is hard enough. If you’re a couple a whole new set of challenges arise. This article from Adaptu gives great advice for how to set a money management plan and maintain it together.

While we’re mentioning our favorites this week, we wanted to give a shout out to Money Reasons and This That and the MBA who were kind enough to feature us recently. And don’t forget to check out Ben’s guest post on Credit.com!

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