Weekly Shout Outs: Financial Planning Edition

Weekly Shout Outs: Financial Planning EditionWe’ve recently returned from the Financial Bloggers Conference in Denver and had a blast meeting some of our favorite blogger friends in person! In light of all the great things we learned on this trip, we thought now would be a good time to share some blog posts that talk about financial planning. Take a peek for information that can help you get organized and prepare for a bright financial future.

How to Prepare for the Unexpected (Christian PF)
The first step in financial planning is to prepare for unexpected events. Christian Personal Finance talks what you can do now to handle things that can happen later.

How to Use a Budget to Help You Set Priorities (Money Q&A)
Budgeting, bleh…at least that’s how most people feel. However, Money Q&A shows you that budgeting can be a fun tool to figure out what you want and how to achieve it.

Can a Financial Journal Help Your Finances? (Bargaineering)
Like budgeting, keeping a financial journal is a good way to check if your actions match up with your goals. Read this post by Bargaineering to find out how this works.

Top Ten Reasons Why You Need an Emergency Fund (Work Save Live)
We’ve all heard it – everyone should have an emergency fund. But it’s hard to do and some wonder if it’s really necessary. Work Save Live lists ten reasons why it is.

Simple Old Fashioned Hobbies and Tasks You Can Do to Save Money (Bible Money Matters)
Saving money isn’t always just about cutting things out. You can actually use your hobbies to have fun and save money! Bible Money Matters tells you how.

10 Strategies to Boost Your Income and Get Out of Debt Faster (Careful Cents)
If you’ve maxed out how much you can save each month but still need help getting out of debt faster, read this post by Careful Cents. Great ways to boost your income that anyone can do.

Financially Limiting Your Partner (Frugal Confessions)
Budgeting as a couple requires a delicate balance of both of your goals. Frugal Confessions talks how to handle a situation where you or your partner may be financially limiting each other.

Some Thoughts on Credit Cards (The Simple Dollar)
With all the talk on credit cards, some wonder if they’re good, evil, or somewhere in between. The Simple Dollar shares thoughts on credit cards that explore all the angles.

Don’t forget to check out Money Smart Guides and One Smart Dollar who’ve recently mentioned us on their blogs. And, if you’re getting ready to start college this year (or know someone who is) then take a peek at our first semester checklist on Credit.com.

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