Weekly Shout Outs: Couples Finance Edition

Weekly Shout Outs: Couples Finance EditionWe’ve talked about dealing with finance as a couple before, and have even dedicated our shout outs to this topic. But now we’ve launched the Relationships and Money Resource Center, a compilation of articles to help you learn how to deal with the way your relationships and finances intersect. In honor of this, we’re sharing some of our favorite couples finance articles from the past week. Don’t forget to share your own tips in the comments below!

5 Personal Finance Books for Anyone on Your List (Our Freaking Budget)
Want to start with some research together? Our Freaking Budget lists some personal finance books that you can give to help start the conversation.

Integrating Your Finances in Three Easy Steps (DINKS Finance)
If you two could use some help getting on the same page, then don’t miss this DINKS Finance article. Quick and easy tips to get you on track together.

5 Common Mistakes Couples Make When Managing Their Money (DINKS Finance)
It’s inevitable to run into mistakes when managing money as a couple. Read this DINKS Finance article to get a head start on avoiding those mistakes.

How to Handle Money: Differences and Changing Expectations in Marriage (Christian Personal Finance)
Every long-term couple has to deal with change over time. Christian Personal Finance share useful tips on how to handle this together.

Breaking Up – It Hurts the Heart…and the Wallet (TeacHer Finance)
Ending a relationship can be tough on every aspect of your life. TeacHer Finance talks how to heal your heart without breaking your budget.

And don’t forget to check out some more interesting reads from our friends at Nerd Wallet!

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