Weekly Shout Outs: Couples Edition

Couples EditionRelationships are complicated. Figuring out your finances can be complicated. When you combine the two, things can get difficult fast. That’s why we’re sharing articles this week that help you navigate the rocky terrain of dealing with finances as a couple. Have tips that aren’t mentioned here? We’d love to read them in the comments!

How Should Couples Merge Their Accounts? (Funancials)
Newly engaged blogger at Funancials shares his story about merging finances with his fiancée for the first time. Read here for a look at how he thinks people should handle this difficult subject.

Couples and Money – Splitting the Bills (The Amateur Financier)
Have you already merged your accounts? The next step is to figure out how to split the bills. The Amateur Financier explains the pros and cons of the different ways you can do this.

Spender vs Saver Couples: Get Back on the Same Page (PT Money)
What if you’re a couple that has already been managing your finances together for awhile? You may still have difficulty balancing out your wants and needs together. This article gives well-rounded advice to help you balance it all out.

5 Ways Marriage Can Make You Richer (Your Finances Simplified)
Once you get through the difficult parts of couples finances, you may just find that your financial outlook is even brighter than it was before! Your Finances Simplified shows five ways being married can actually improve your financial situation.

We Did It: Debt Free (Married with Debt)
We’ve been reading about Married with Debt’s journey to become debt free for some time and they’ve now reached their goal! Read their story here for inspiration – plus their tips to achieving financial prosperity as a couple.

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And finally, thanks also to Credit Karma for mentioning our guest article on Lifehacker. Want some more to read? Check out our other guest article on Credit.com!

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  • Thanks for the link, and for reading The Amateur Financier. It’s always tricky to split your bills as a new couple, and good to sit down and work matters out. Here’s hoping that more people do so; thanks again for helping spread the word.