Weekly Shout Outs: Columbus Day Edition

Weekly shout Outs: Columbus Day EditionHappy Columbus Day! In honor of the holiday, we’re dedicating our shout outs to some great pioneers of personal finance blogging. Take a peek at our favorite recent blog posts covering many topics from budgeting to earning extra money, frugality to paying off debt, and building a savings.

Common Budgeting Mistakes (Simple Budget Blog)
Budgeting seems so simple, yet it’s so easy to make mistakes without even realizing it. Simple Budget Blog goes over common budgeting mistakes to help you ensure that they’re not happening to you!

How to Turn a Hobby into a Business (Generation X Finance)
When it comes to earning extra money, it’s ideal to do it through something you love so you don’t feel the burn of the extra work. To learn how to to turn your hobby into a money maker, read this blog post by Generation X Finance.

5 Ways to Ensure You’re Frugal During Winter (Money Smart Guides)
Winter will be here before you know it and the cold weather can wreak havoc on your frugality. That’s why Money Smart Guides shares tips to help you stay warm without breaking your budget.

Killing Debt? Have a Realistic Budget (Beating Broke)
In the process of debt payoff, one of the easiest mistakes to make is being overzealous on your budget. Luckily, Beating Broke talks about how you can make sure to set a budget that you can stick to.

How to Live Below Your Income and Have a Life! (1000 Money Ideas)
Looking for ways to save money while still leading a normal life? 1000 Money Ideas has some ideas that can help you cut costs without making you feel deprived.

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