Weekly Shout Outs: Biking Edition

Weekly Shout Outs: Biking EditionSince The Great Recession began, people have been finding more creative ways to save money. One topic we’ve heard a lot about this summer is the idea of trading in cars for a bikes as a means of transportation. There can be many benefits to biking over driving including money saved on gas (which is better for the environment as well), time saved (since your workout and commute go hand in hand), and money saved on general car costs like repairs, maintenance, and parking. Still not convinced? Take a look at these blog posts which talk about how bike riding can improve your life and your finances.

18 Reasons You Should Bike to Work (Savvy Sugar)
Get started with this list by Savvy Money that gives 18 reasons biking can improve your “health, wealth, and standard of living”. You may even be surprised by some of the reasons you see!

Cruising on a Bicycle for Health and Wealth (Couple Money)
Elle from Couple Money decided to buy a bike and discusses why plus how she plans to make it work as transportation. If you’re on the fence about the idea, then don’t miss this blog post.

11 Personal Finance and Life Lessons I Learned from Bicycle Riding (My Personal Finance Journey)
There are a lot of life lessons we can learn from sports and working out. Jacob from My Personal Finance provides a detailed discussion of lessons he learned from bike riding.

8 Lessons Learned from Summer Bike Rides (Balance Junkie)
While walking through her new backyard, Kim from Balance Junkie discovered a beautiful path and thus a place to pick up bike riding again. Now she’s sharing the things she’s learned about finances and life now that she’s back into biking.

Bike Sharing (Five Cent Nickel)
Convinced that biking is a good substitute for driving, but you don’t have a bike yet/aren’t ready to purchase one? You may live in a  city that has a bike sharing program. Five Cent Nickel does a review of his local program so you can decide whether or not that may work for you.

Need some more reading for the week?  Careful Cents, Living in Financial Excellence, and Planting Money Seeds our fantastic blogs and have recently featured ReadyForZero. We also have a new guest post on Credit.com in which Ben talks about the five behaviors that helped him get out of debt.

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