Weekly Shout Outs: Back to School Edition

Weekly Shout Outs: Back to School EditionSummer is winding down and stores are stocking their shelves with back to school supplies. It hardly seems possible but it is that time of year. So how can you make sure your kids get everything they need without breaking the budget you’ve been working so hard to keep all year? Read these tips! We’re sharing articles that will help you make the most out of back to school sales so you and your kids start the year off happy.

It’s Back-to-School (Giveaway) Time (Money Crush)
Money Crush is helping you teach your kids about personal finance through back to school shopping. Even better – share your kids’ number one item on their list in the comments of the Money Crush article and you could win a Visa gift card from Citi. Don’t have kids? You can still comment on the Money Crush article with your favorite back to school money savings tips and enter to win.

Back to School Already? (See Debt Run)
Do your kids have more than just supplies on their back to school list? Don’t miss these creative ideas from See Debt Run that will help you stock your kids’ closets up for the school year.

5 Tricks to Making Back-to-School Pain-Free for Your Pocket (MoneyNing)
With all the new gadgets and fun supplies out there, it’s so easy to go over budget on when shopping for supplies. MoneyNing tells you how you can stay focused and stay on budget.

Back to School Tips for Military Families (Spouse Buzz)
If you’re in a military family, then back to school presents a whole different set of challenges – maybe even including a new school. This article at Spouse Buzz tells you everything you need to know to prepare your kids – and their teachers – for the new year.

How to Save on College Textbooks (Personal Finance Success)
Back to school isn’t just for kids. If you’re in college then you already know the pain of paying for textbooks. Luckily, Personal Finance Success has some great ideas for saving money on these big purchases.

What if you don’t have kids but can’t pass up the opportunity of saving money on all the sales this month? Saving Money Today and Frugal Confessions share other ways to take advantage of back to school sales.

7 Ways to Take Advantage of Back to School Sales (Saving Money Today)

Ways to Take Advantage of Back to School Sales (Even if You Don’t Have Kids) (Frugal Confessions)

We can’t forget to give a big thanks to Club Thrifty and Planting Our Pennies who’ve recently mentioned us on their blogs. Check ‘em out!

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