Two Guys Create Legit Way to Pay Debt Online [via Mashable]

ReadyForZero Mashable Article

MashableThis post is excerpted from a recent Mashable article about ReadyForZero.

Generation Y is the most educated generation yet — let’s talk school loans. The average person has four debts, and this degree-holding generation is now responsible for billions of unpaid college loans. Now there’s a better way to manage it all.

ReadyForZero is an online tool that helps you control and ultimately reduce your debt. Founded by Rod Ebrahimi and Ignacio Thayer, this Ycombinator company isn’t your average financial service (so don’t tune out yet!).

“We’re not financial services guys,” admits Ebrahimi, who says the idea for ReadyForZero came from his girlfriend’s search for a website to help her pay off her debts. When they couldn’t find what she was looking for, Ebrahimi and Thayer created it.

A few years later, the entrepreneurial duo has helped people pay off more than $30 million dollars in debt

So what’s the algorithm for paying off your debt? Ignacio shares the golden rule: “The highest, most painful debt first.”

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  • MikeDH

    So they basically took the principles that Dave Ramsey and countless other Financial Advisors have been teaching people for decades, and act like they created something new and different? There were already sites out there that teach people, for free, how to manage and pay down their debts, using essentially this same formula. I mean, good for them and all, but this superiority cheerleading for Generation Y, whose only contributions seem to be rehashes of existing knowledge, is just getting old.

    • Hi Mike, we definitely are “standing on the shoulders of giants” as the saying goes. But I think you may have misunderstood what ReadyForZero is. It’s a free online app (or software) for helping people create a plan to get out of debt. When you sign up, you can automatically link accounts and see which ones have the highest interest rates (and thus should be paid off first). You can also experiment with different payment scenarios. For example, what would happen if you paid $300 per month – when would you be debt free? Or what if you paid $400 per month? You can adjust your plan in ReadyForZero and track your progress with our progress bars. We’ve had a lot of feedback from users who say that ReadyForZero helped them get out of debt. You can read some of their stories here: And we’re always listening to feedback from our current users to make ReadyForZero work even better for them. Also, we try to create helpful informational resources for people working to pay off their debt. You can see them here: