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Happy Friday! Ready to talk a little bit about work before you hit the weekend?

As a creative writing graduate, I’m no stranger to the wide-eyed looks of pity when I share that I actively chose a major that wasn’t necessarily known for job security. When I was looking for a job, the response usually came one of two ways:

Why? Seriously, whyyyy?
Do what you love.

I responded more positively to the latter of the two, unsurprisingly. But regardless, I was surprised at how often I was met with the the duo of extremes – excessive pessimism or excessive optimism. Where was the middle ground? But after a bit of experience on the hunt (and plenty of mistakes) I realized that it was important to take both reactions into account. As it always seems to do, the importance of striking a balance made itself evident. And to create that solid, balanced foundation meant hunkering down and sorting out what I truly wanted out of the whole pursuit: What did I want to do? Why did I want to do it? And most importantly – how was I going to get there? Questions like those led me to pursue with a purpose and to truly appreciate the magnitude of a job hunt on your personal and financial circumstances.

Your career is a huge factor in your financial plan, and not only that – it takes up a large portion of your time! Whether you’re on the job hunt, sittin’ secure, or just looking towards a future switch, it’s important to stay connected with your passion and your plan.

So this week, we rounded up some awesome articles to help you get those career questions churning  – enjoy!

Money Mistakes Young Professionals Should Avoid – Brokepedia
Hacking out a career is full of trial and error. Here are a few ways to save yourself from spending time (and energy) on some common mistakes!

How To Negotiate Your Salary – Lifehacker
One of the best ways to maintain career (and financial) momentum is to know your worth – and ask for it. Some excellent tips for getting the raise you know you’ve earned.

4 Networking Tools Every Young Professional Should Know About – Ask The Young Professional
When it comes to snagging the perfect job, I wholeheartedly agree with utilizing as many resources as you can! Here are 4 great tools to help you get started.

4 Job Search Rules To Break – 20s Finance
4 more tips – this time, rules to boot as you continue your job search. Great advice!

How To Write a Flawless Resume – Good.Co
First impressions matter… starting with your resume! Here’s how to clean up the document that could lead to that first step through a new career door!

Success and Failure: What Are We Afraid Of? – Prairie Eco Thrifty
An inspiring guest post by Stefanie of The Broke and Beautiful Life which asks the important question – without risks, how can we really appreciate and pursue success?

When Your Dream Job Disappoints, How To Find Plan B – The Wall Street Journal
Is there such a thing as a dream job? An interesting read that looks at what to do if the job you were born to do doesn’t pan out the way you thought.

Before we go, a big thanks to those mentioning ReadyForZero…

Money Smart Guides
The Dime Colorado
Good Men Project
MSN Money
The Color Coded Life
Two Cents
Business Insider

… and be sure to check out our guest post this week!

10 Things Every Millennial Should Do To Get Rid of Student Loan Debt – Common Sense Millennial

What’s the best career advice you’ve ever received?

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  • Hi, Claire! Thanks for including Brokepedia’s piece! This is a great round up of resources.

    • Claire Murdough

      Of course!!! Keep on bein’ awesome 🙂

  • I chose a major for it’s practicality. I also liked it, but I didn’t really buy into the “do what you love” thing until now. I have been in the work force for a couple of years, and now, I sort of wish I’d gone into a field that I’m more passionate about. Thanks for mentioning Prairie Eco Thrifter!

    • It’s really tough – as you know, people on the other side of the equation often have regrets, too (i.e. they studied what they were interested in, but then came to find it didn’t help them get a job). I think maybe our current education system doesn’t do a great job of matching people up with the careers they will enjoy and be good at. Fortunately, it’s often possible to make a career switch if you find something you’d rather be doing. Thanks for your comment, and best of luck!