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Happy Friday and happy August, readers!

This week we’re talking about: productivity aka the buzzword heard round the professional world. In particular, we’re talking about the oft used mantra:

“Work smarter, not harder”

It seems that everyone has an opinion about how to organize time, concentration, and even space in order to max out productivity. While these shortcuts or “hacks” can be amazingly helpful they can also be amazingly overwhelming. The sheer number of tips available can end up making organization of your productive plan all the more complicated. All the research in the world means nothing if you can’t implement your findings in a balanced manner!

Enter: customization

A huge part of working smarter is also knowing what works for you, not simply following what works for your neighbor. In the case of debt repayment, working smarter includes understanding which techniques you’ll be able to stick with for the long run. In the case of your finances, being choosy and customizing an approach to your debt repayment will help you to gain authority over your finances while also lowering your risk of burnout.

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So to help you to choose from the smartest (for you) techniques to propel your financial plan, take a look at our top posts of the week!

Should You Ditch Your To-Do List For a Tending List to Maintain the Things You Care About? – Debt Blag
A big challenge in working smarter is how to tackle that monster “to-do” list. But sometimes, it’s not just about crossing off items but about picking and choosing your priorities! Mario makes a great case for switching up the way you dole out your tasks.

My One Minute Money Saving Tip: Bill Haggle Day – Brokepedia
Sometimes working smarter means setting aside a time dedicated to a specific task. In this fun video tip, Kristin from Brokepedia shares how to take on haggling your bills. Lowered payments for the win!

Richard Feynman: What Counts as “Worthwhile” Work? – 99u
Ever felt paralyzed by the scope of your ambition? Take the mental brakes off your brain by simplifying your route and taking on the smaller tasks. Bit by bit, that’s all you need.

Building Your Perfect Budget – My Pennies My Thoughts
Budgets don’t come in a one size fits all format but that’s not to say you can’t utilize tools to help you organize! Janine shares a free template to help you organize your spending and stay on track with your spending.

“Diligence Isn’t a Personality Type. It’s a Skill You Learn – Lifehacker
The process of learning to work smarter, not harder can be a bit rough – especially when you don’t allow for the learning curve! To help settle the stress, some excellent motivation from Lifehacker.

A Simple Trick for Working Smarter—Not Harder – The Muse
In sticking with the valuable lesson of embracing simple ways to improve, The Muse keeps it real with one actionable tip you can employ as soon as you’re finished reading.

Before you streamline your weekend, check out our latest guest post over at Daily Worth…

Can Balance Transfers Help You Pay Your Credit Card Debt Off Faster?

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Enjoy (to the max) your weekend!

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