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It has turned decidedly chilly ‘round these parts. Summer is definitely gone and with it the flip-flops and shorts. That means that it’s time to break out the winter clothes and suit up for the cold. Unless, you’re in the market for a new coat. And a hat. And winter boots.

Dun dun dunnnn goes the budget!

Seasonal (and everyday) necessities are an expected part of the budget. But when it comes to making the bigger purchases (like a new coat), do you err on the side of thriftiness or throw down the cash for something of a higher quality or make?

These kinds of decisions can feel paralyzing when we’re watching our spending! When we we’re used to a frugal mindset, it can strange or even uncomfortable to pick the more expensive option. But while sticking to a budget is important there’s more to value than a price tag but. Sometimes a splurge isn’t really a splurge at all – it’s a necessary and smart purchase.

Here are some great articles to help you consider what’s worth the extra cost and what should stay on your thrifty list:

What I’m Fine With Spending My Money On – Making Sense of Cents Understanding your specific interests and passions can help you to decide what justifies an added expense. Read on for a great example of the importance of defining what’s “worth it.”

The Best Things Our Money Has Bought – Plunged in Debt
Not all good purchases have to be big! It can depend on what provides the most usefulness or satisfaction. This list proves that even a good can opener has the potential to show as much value a larger purchase.

To Save or Splurge – Kitchen Daily
Food is another area that can have you looking at the price tag before looking at what’s actually attached. Jessica Seinfeld lists some of the things you should pay a bit extra and where you should save!

Is It Worth Spending The Money? – My Alternate Life
A worthy question to ask if you’re looking to invest in something that directly impacts your finances. The answer, of course, will depend on your own experiences. Read on to learn more!

Stop Buying Features Start Buying Benefits – Mom And Dad Money I love this post by Matt over at Mom and Dad Money. Considering features vs. benefits can be so essential when putting your purchases in perspective.

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  • This is always a tough decision. I think it’s important to determine the real reasons you’re buying something, and how long those reasons will persist. If you’ll have the same needs for a long time, and they’re important to you, then it makes sense to pay more now for something that’s high quality. Just don’t let yourself get caught up in thinking you need something when really you’re just being sold on a cool feature.

    • Claire Murdough

      Agreed! Reasoning for future use is essential in the process. It’s tough too, especially when “things” are easy to get tired of. I tend to use function and long-term usefulness as an important reminder of something’s worth. Thanks for the comment!

  • Hey thanks for mentioning my blog post!

    • Claire Murdough

      No problem! Great post 🙂

  • Sorry I’m late to this but I appreciate you picking my post! Glad you enjoyed it!