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This one’s for the wanderers out there! Actually, this one’s for anyone who dreams of traveling near or far without feeling guilty about the bill. Because honestly, what’s better than packing your suitcase and stretching your traveling legs? Doing it for a fraction of the cost, of course.

To balance your travel ambitions with your budget, it’s important to start planning early and be diligent as you scout for the best deals. Check out our top article picks of the week to help you get started:

7 Ways To Save Money At The Airport – Brokepedia
Don’t let a 7 dollar bag of m&ms crush your budget at the airport! Kristin shares great tips to avoid costly airport fare and create a less costly plan of attack.

Careers for Travel Lovers: 5 Jobs You Can Travel Your Way Into – Good.Co
If you’re worried about affording travel, why not incorporate it into your job? Here are some tips for those who want to put “professional traveler” on their resume.

How Your Next Flight Could Change Your Life – The Daily Muse
For those of you who’re already on the move, don’t pass up the opportunity to turn your flight into a catalyst for positive change. Who knows when you might be sitting next to the very person who can help you achieve a goal?

Not a Travel Hacker? Vacation When and Where Your Dollar Goes Furthest – PT Money
Why not let the prices guide your vacation this year? For anyone with a little traveling flexibility (and willingness to compromise) here’s a great way to follow prices to map out your trip.

Traveling and Living In An RV: Super Cool or Completely Crazy? – Common Sense Millennial
Would you consider living in an RV to cut costs and realize your wandering ways? Kali gives a great breakdown of the pros (and some cons) of RV livin’. Though be warned: if it doesn’t make you want to get up and drive off, I don’t know what will.

7 Easy Ways To Save For Your Big Summer Vacation – US News
No better time to start saving for the summer than right now! Sabah Karimi shares smart ways to build up the savings for your best summer trip.

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… and our guest post this last week!

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So let’s hear it… where’s your next travel destination?

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  • Thanks for shout out, Claire. This is a great round-up!

    • Claire Murdough

      No problemo Kristin! Great post 🙂

  • I’m in Hamburg, Germany right now. Flew here for $25 thanks to a credit card sign up bonus.

    • Wow, nice job! That is a great way to travel. Have you written any blog posts on your strategies for getting travel rewards?