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At ReadyForZero we talk a lot about spending and payoff strategies, budgets and financial accountability. All the kinds of financial topics that might sound a little rigid or even cut and dry. But we also know how critical it is to acknowledge the personal part of personal finance. Though some financial truths do remain straightforward (more income paired with less spending will give your finances a boost), each person can still find success under his or her own set of terms. That’s where knowing the power of flexibility comes in handy! Rigid plans aren’t one size fits all and financial planning actually benefits from taking personal needs and unique lifestyles into account.

Following a financial plan as you pursue financial goals is important! But so is a little bit of flexibility when it comes to your strategy. Look at what works for you, set priorities and give yourself a little bit of wiggle room to account for the ups and downs of life.

To showcase that everyone has their own unique relationship with money management, we’ve compiled some excellent articles from the blog world over the last week.

Check out the ways they’ve acknowledged the importance of a unique and personal stance on managing their finances:

How I Write My Monthly Budget – Blonde On A Budget
Cait shares the steps she takes to keep her budget working in her favor – a process that includes flexibility! A thoughtful post to get you started with a solid foundation in your financial plan.

How I’m Changing My Relationship With Money – Get Rich Slowly
It’s easy to feel led by your finances in all other aspects of your life. But looking at how you might change your relationship with money can be an great way to strike a balance! Kristin at Get Rich Slowly explains her process.

Why I Rent An Old Car For $500 Dollars a Month – Young Adult Money
You hear a lot of “shoulds” in the financial world but the importance of setting personal priorities for spending in your life is incredibly important. Read on to find out how Young Adult Money looks at how to value what works for you – even if it’s a costlier option.

How a Trip Around The World Changed My Views Of Life And Money – Happy Homeowner
Sometimes it’s the experiences in our lives that can help us to gain a bit more freedom in our financial views. The Happy Homeowner shares thoughts on the impact of travel on her own relationship with spending.

5 Financial Beliefs I Thought Were Right But Turned Out To Be Wrong – Three Thrifty Guys
Aaron of Three Thrifty Guys explores the financial concepts that are common but not always accurate – and how he came to the conclusions. A great article to help put some of the common money beliefs into perspective.

Financial Things I’ve Never Regretted – Budget And The Beach
Much of financial accountability is focused on money that we’ve spent that we wish we hadn’t. But there’s something to be said for appreciating the times where spending on worthy goals has had positive results in our lives. Tonya breaks down her experience in this great article!

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  • Cait Flanders

    This is a great roundup, Claire – and thanks for including me in it! I also loved HH’s post about how her trip changed her life. 🙂 YAM’s post sounds interesting too… will have to read that now!

    • Claire Murdough

      Your article is awesome Cait, I was excited to feature it! You make the budgeting process approachable and also inspired me to look at my budget! Hope you have a great weekend 🙂