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Happy (happy, happy) Friday, everyone! (Can you tell that we’re feeling extra cheery this time of year?)

The holiday season is in full swing but there’s one thing that might have you feeling less than joyous: the price of keeping out the chill in these colder months.

Your winter energy bill can really take a swing at your budget. The spike in heating needs and the cost that goes along isn’t exactly easy on your bank account. But instead of resigning to the 18 sweater layering technique, a few smart changes to your energy and heating routines can save you money without leaving you out in the cold.

So how exactly can you keep cozy without blowing your budget? We’ve compiled the best reads of the week to help you out!

Save On Your Heating Bill – Real Simple If you’re feeling a cold chill when you look at your heating bill, it may be time to explore ways to save on your monthly heating costs. Real Simple shares ways to cut back on cost!

Up the Chimney Goes Your Cash – See Debt Run Think you might try save money by heating your space with your fireplace? Jefferson from See Debt Run explains why fireplace heating might actually cost you more than you realize.

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Wrapping Up the Energy Conservation Challenge – Frugal Confessions Amanda took on the challenge of cutting back on energy and saving money in the process. Read on to see how she did!

Energizing Morning Oatmeal – Mind Body Green There’s not much that’s more satisfying than a hot meal on a cold day. Start the morning right and warm up from the inside out with this tasty and budget friendly recipe by Mind Body Green!

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Enjoy your weekend and stay warm!!

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