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Hello all and Happy Friday!

Quick question… what are you doing right now? How about in 5 minutes? Want to take a step towards making a positive change in your financial life?

It’s easy to say that we want to make a change but it’s the doing (or rather, the effort of doing) that usually causes us to pause on making that change. Sometimes we’re unsure how to take the steps and sometimes they seem too painful to prioritize. So what can you do to finally make the first step? Set a starting line and… start! The satisfaction from taking action is so energizing that you’ll be jump starting your journey ahead.

Every journey needs a starting line to give you a marker of how far you’ve come. We rounded up some of the best articles to help you set that line:

The Decision Stack – The Simple Dollar Trent deconstructs a simple everyday scene to illustrate how each moment of your life is created from a network of choices. An excellent reminder that a detailed-oriented perspective is important when setting yourself on a positive trajectory!

Deciding Your Debt Free Date – Six Figures Under One of the most important things when setting a starting line is having a direction and goal to work towards. Six Figures Under shares how to face and calculate your debt free day and motivate your financial journey in the process!

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Save More Money in 2014 – Common Sense Millennial It seems like a simple enough equation – spend less, save more. But without a little guidance you may find yourself without the answer. Kali shares some great tips on actions (big and small) you can take to set your starting point and start saving money!

Your Organizing Principles – Your Secret Weapon – Wealth Pilgrim This is an excellent post to help you hone in on your core organizing principles and ensure that they’re working to your financial advantage! Perfect way to help you create a starting point that will be focused on the right path for you.

Automate to Save – The Broke and the Beautiful Life Stefanie shares the benefit of paying yourself first by automating your extra cash payments directly into your savings! An easy way to set a starting line that will continue to benefit you – on autopilot.

Check out the sites mentioning ReadyForZero…

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… and our guest posts this week!

Practical Ways to Speedup Your Debt Payoff – Credit Karma
Reflections On My First Year of Full-Time Freelancing – Freelancers Union

And lastly, another round of thank yous to everyone who helped spread the word about our Food, Fitness, and Finance Challenge!!

The Lean Green Bean
Beyond Debt Free

Whether it’s deconstructing your financial circumstances, organizing a payoff plan,  or simply automating your accounts every step you take towards a positive change is a step in the right direction. Ready, set – go!!

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  • Six Figures Under

    It’s so true– we can plan all we want, but no progress will be made until we take action. Today is always a great day to start!

    • Claire Murdough

      Always!! The first step can be intimidating but a “one, two, three, GO” kind of mentality can give such a motivating boost.

  • Thanks for the shout out! I can’t believe we’re already approaching the second week of the new year. Some of my goals are sticking better than others.

    • Claire Murdough

      Of course!! Yeesh, it sure does go fast. But at least automation is something that sticks without too much thought 🙂