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We all know we should save more. We all know we should spend less. After all, that’s the key to financial prosperity, right? For some. But personal finance isn’t one size fits all. In order to build a solid financial foundation it’s important to define what kind of financial house you want to build! Incorporating your unique circumstances plus your strengths (and your weaknesses) into your financial philosophy will help you define your goals and establish confidence in your decisions. We’re all one of a kind – so it makes sense our financial plans will differ, too!

This week, I rounded up the top picks for posts to help you set out your own personal financial philosophy. Enjoy!

Why Your Life Needs a Mission Statement – Fast Company
We know companies generally have mission statements – but what about individuals? And what about personal finance mission statements? Fast Company showcases the value direction in adding meaning and guiding your life decisions. An intriguing that easily transfers to creating a financial philosophy!

Practicing What You Read, Financially Speaking – Planting Money Seeds
We’re lucky to be living in a time of so much shared content but researching different perspectives can easily become overwhelming. To help you stay true to your financial path, Miranda Marquit shares how to actually implement strategies from the articles you read into your financial plan.

Personal Finance Data and Meaningful Decisions – The Simple Dollar
If you find yourself more motivated by numbers than pep talks, you might benefit from a financial philosophy that incorporates plenty of data. Trent shares how data helps him to make decisions for his financial life and illustrates just how far a little organization can go when tracking these numbers!

5 Reasons Why I Don’t Know My Net Worth – Common Sense Millennial
All financial bloggers have their financial stats memorized, right? Not always so. Kali explains why she’s strayed from taking tabs on her exact net worth – and why that’s the best choice for her! Further proof that financial philosophies differ on an individual basis – and that’s A-OK.

4 Reasons To Ask For Help – Mom and Dad Money
We’re generally encouraged to go for our goals independently but there’s much to be said for asking for help along the way! Not only will you expand your networks but you gain valuable perspective in the process! Check out what Matt has to say on the matter over at Mom and Dad Money!

Don’t Compare Your Beginning To Someone Else’s Middle – Skint Dad
Motivating and honest, here’s a thoughtful piece highlighting the importance of only comparing yourself against yourself – instead of against another person! Perfect for when you’re feeling like you haven’t stacked up to those around you.

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Why Saving For Retirement Is More Important Than Saving For College – The Huffington Post

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