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Happy Friday everyone!

This week, we’re talking about finance. Personal finance. Coming from a company that’s devoted to getting people out of debt, that’s probably not too surprising. But everybody else is talking about it, right? Right?

Not always.

Despite the fact that personal finance is a regular part of life, it often takes the backseat in everyday conversation. It makes sense – there’s a lot going one behind the numbers and budgets, and well – it gets personal.

Talking about finances – especially talking about past money errors – can stir up all sorts of emotions. If you’re struggling with debt or spinning wheels to achieve financial security you might be faced with unwanted feelings of shame, guilt or embarrassment. Money mistakes are uncomfortable to think about, let alone talk about.

But it’s important to remember that everyone makes mistakes at varying points in their financial career. The result can range from disappointing to devastating, but regardless of the scope it’s how you get back on track that really matters. Acknowledging and talking about your finances can help to shed light on solutions that can help you to gain control over your finances.

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Here are some posts from the blogging world to start (or continue) the conversation:

My Scariest Money Mistake and What I Learned From It – Little Valley In The House Not only does this great post give a specific example – it also highlights the importance of learning from financial experience!

Fool Me Once, Shame On Me – My Scariest Money Mistake – The Money Principle Sometimes it’s the smaller, more impulsive purchases that can turn into the biggest financial hurdles later on. A great example of how to reset and learn from purchases you might later regret!

Heal Your Money Shame in 3 Easy Steps – Get Rich Slowly Negative opinions or embarrassment can be changed with a little practice! Here are three tips to get you started.

Money Shame – The Broke And Beautiful Life Money shame isn’t always due to financial mistakes. Frugal habits can cause people to squirm in their seats if they feel judged by others.

Who Has Seen You Financially Nude? – Evolving Personal Finance Scandalous! Revealing numbers can make you feel vulnerable. Everyone has a different point of privacy when it comes to what they’re willing to reveal – it’s about finding and respecting your own.

Before you enjoy your weekend, take a look at our guest posts…

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Grumpycat may be the trending pop culture topic of the year, but personal finance is here to stay. So we’ll be talking about our favorite financial posts of the week every Friday. If you’d like to see a particular focus or topic, let us know below!

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