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Financial success has become inextricably linked with managing your money just right. It’s a nice mindset to imagine, but there’s one teeny, tiny little hiccup to that logic: it’s simply not true! There’s nothing “perfect” about personal finance. In fact, it’s in facing the challenges and overcoming them that we really get a true handle on our money and our financial future.

The key lies in this – failures are what allow us to grow and learn. Once the power of those two elements is harnessed, you’re truly on your way to building a healthy and strong foundation. Flubs or challenges are only temporary obstacles and should be considered as such.

So even if there are times when you will feel deflated, utterly defeated, or simply unmotivated, treat these barriers as a way to become even more secure in your financial future. Ask questions, be nice to yourself, and prepare to kick butt. Here are a few articles to help get you moving up and over any bumps!

The Only Walls That Hold You Back – Common Sense Millennial
A lovely, inspiring piece by blogger extraordinaire, Kali. She takes on how to face the fear of uncharted territory in order to achieve your goals!

The Internal Feelings of Success – The Simple Dollar
Are you giving enough weight to the feelings of success as you are any feelings of fear or anxiety? An excellent case for celebrating your wins!

Common Money Mistakes We’ve All Made – Frugal Rules
Everyone is susceptible to financial flubs – here are some common mistakes that show you how normal these challenges can be. I’ve definitely been knee deep in one or two (or three) before!

The Power of Writing Goals Down – Budgets Are Sexy
Working in a positive direction isn’t the same as knowing exactly what it is you’re working for. Here’s how to use focus to set you on a more directed path.

Parameters For A Better Life – The New York Budget
If you’re looking for some inspiration or clarity in your goals, this is a great article to help showcase the importance of spending boundaries (without having to sacrificing it all).

35 Things To Do Instead of Spending Money – Mind Body Green
Lastly, sometimes barriers can be beat by simply engaging in fulfilling activities. Here are 35 great ways to enjoy life without spending a dime!

Special thanks for the mention this week, Kiplinger! And before you go enjoy the weekend, don’t forget to check out our recent guest post: 5 Types of Financial Resources For Stay At Home Moms – Bible Money Matters

Happy Friday!!

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  • I hate when people simply sulk and play victim when they fail rather than finding the lesson and growing.

    • Claire Murdough

      That same energy spent on feeling defeated can always be used as motivational fuel!! The direction of focus is so important 🙂

  • John S @ Frugal Rules

    Thanks so much for the mention, I really appreciate it! I could not agree more with regards to failure – some of the best opportunities come out of them…you just need to keep your eyes open to them and use them to grow.