Topics We’re Talking About: Outsmarting the Holiday Budget Busters


We couldn’t ease into December without bringing up the (often) dreaded “Holiday Spending.” While Black Friday and Cyber Monday have been archived for the 2013 year, there’s still plenty of opportunity to spend this month.

Elves on shelves, solid chocolate dinosaurs … if can think it you can probably find it. But it is possible to stick to your budget this holiday season with a bit of careful planning.

Here are some of the best links to help you save during this spendy time of the year:

10 Hidden Holiday Costs To Watch Out For – Oprah Magazine Sneaky, sneaky! Those holiday costs can creep up quietly – and hit your budget unexpectedly. Read on to find out ways to avoid the hidden holiday expenses.

Avoid the Siren Call of the Christmas Shopping Deals – Bible Money Matters No doubt about it, holiday’s are a tempting time to give your credit card a workout. But here’s how to work out your power of resistance rather than a magnetic strip. Great advice!

Avoiding the Upsell – The Broke and Beautiful Life What’s another $5 or $10 dollars when you’re already spending $50? Quite a lot as The Broke and the Beautiful Life explains. She also shares tips on how to break the habit!

‘Tis the Season For Spending and Lying – Here’s How To Deal – Go Girl Finance Ever had a bit of that holiday spending guilt? Turns out, that feeling can lead to hiding your purchases from your significant other and lying about any splurges. In the spirit of communicating effectively, here are some ways to keep your money talk honest.

Simple Ways You Can Save Money During the Holidays – Financial Highway Balance some of your extra spending with extra saving this holiday season! Financial Highway gives some great ways to keep your budget in the green.

Staying on top of Your Finances Without Losing Your Mind – Couple Money If you’re not so worried about the saving as much as worried about how you’re going to keep track of your spending then cease pulling out your hair and read Couple Money’s round-up of tools to help you organize your finances!

Before you enjoy your weekend, check out the sites mentioning ReadyForZero:

Budget and the Beach
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