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You like cats, they like dogs so you both compromise and get a guinea pig. They like crunchy peanut butter, you like smooth so you sidestep the tension by stocking both kinds in the cabinet. But what happens if you’re a saver and they’re a spender? Can you have differing financial philosophies and still maintain a harmonious relationship? This week, we’re talking about how to introduce “money talk” to your normal couple routine.

This past week we posted an article that honed in on just how much relationships can impact your financial picture. And though we’re jumping the gun a little bit for a relationship themed compilation (February 14th is still a ways away), we were inspired to keep an eye out for tips and tricks to help maintain a healthy relationship with finance within your relationship. A common thread we noticed as we read through the posts? Communication is key.

Your money principles can have a big impact on your relationship. But not always seeing eye to eye doesn’t spell doom for your relationship. It comes down to forming effective habits of communication and giving money talk an ongoing place among your topics of conversation.

Here are our favorite picks for tips and advice on how to create a harmonious financial future with your partner:

How To Talk About Money With Your Partner (and How To Keep Your Cool) – Huffington Post First step in communicating with your partner about money? Talking about it! Here are some great tips to help you keep a calm head as you dive into your money chats.

Money and Relationships: Combining Finances – My Alternate Life One of the biggest decisions you’ll make when creating a financial plan together is figuring what (if anything) you want to combine and what (if anything) you want to keep separate. Check out this post for some great perspective on the impact!

How To Get Married When You Don’t Have Much Money – Stop Worrying About Money I love this story about how wedding costs were no match this budgeting  couple. Read on to find out how they accomplished the very admirable feat of throwing an inexpensive wedding.

Frugal Battle Royale – Common Sense Millennial Ah, a battle worthy of a budgeter! A great post illuminating how sometimes your financial habits can rub off on your partner – with great results. How do you match up with your spouse?

Learning To Budget Is Like Spreading Peanut Butter – You Need a Budget A fun post sharing a comparison that can be applied to many other areas of your financial life – including finances with your significant other! And any metaphor that connects peanut butter and finance is fine by me!

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… and our guest posts this week!

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If you’re interested in even more information on how to balance (or create) a budget with your partner, be sure to check out our Relationships and Money resource center!

Happy weekend!

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