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Happy New Year!

We bid farewell to the year 2013 a few days ago and that means we have a brand new year ahead! Since January 1st has become synonymous with yearly goals and a fresh start, New Year’s Resolutions are what everyone seems to be talking about. And while they can be great markers of change and help to inspire growth or direction, they have a habit of fizzling as the year progresses.

Unfortunately, not all resolutions are created with longevity in mind. A calendar date for a new start is inspiring but the excitement and motivation you feel on January 1st can (and often does) wane as the months go on. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pursue positive change in your life! Taking steps towards your goals is a great thing to do in the new year but having a long-term plan that’s sustainable will help you to maintain that positive change.  We’re talking about a brand new year but we’re also talking about how to keep your resolve for positive change in the years to come!

This week, we rounded up articles that help you to create and maintain your goals in the New Year and beyond:

Are You Better Off Now Than You Were a Year Ago? – The Simple Dollar Reassessing how far you’ve come is an important part of moving forward successfully. The Simple Dollar shares a few great “checks” use as you take stock of the last year!

How To Organize Your 2014 Budget – Your Smart Money If you have your eyes set on making a positive financial change in your life, check out this post by Your Smart Money. It gives great tips for organizing your expenses and creating an honest budget!

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Toss Your Resolutions Out the Window (And Try This Instead) – The Daily Muse via Forbes We’ve been taught that January 1st is a time for New Year’s resolutions but here’s an argument against them! A great article showing you the benefit of making a habit change and some tips to get started.

Setting Goals For 2014 – Keep Them SMART – 2 Copper Coins If you need an easy guide for creating sustainable goals, check out this article by 2 Copper Coins about the benefit of setting S.M.A.R.T goals and how a acronym can help you to simplify your more complicated goals!

Make January Winter Cleaning Month – Bible Money Matters Of course, goals set at the New Year don’t always hinge on long term change. For more specific actions you can take to see immediate benefits, here’s a great list of ways to declutter your life (and reorganize in the process) during the month of January.

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