Topics We’re Talking About: Keeping Your Change (and Dollar Bills)


Hello, ReadyForZero readers and happy Friday to you! This week, we’re talking about: keeping your hard earned change (and cash).

You see, the most magical thing happened to me the other day. I reached into my back pocket and found a $20 bill that I had completely forgotten about. Over the weekend I’d taken out some “just in case” cash but didn’t end up using it. Then life happened and the cash slipped my mind. Lo and behold, a week later I discovered the tiny windfall!

At that moment I was faced with one of two options: redirect the money into savings or spend it. After momentarily entertaining the thought of a $20 donut splurge, I deposited the cash back into my bank. Sure, the thought of spending money was tempting but finding that bill was also akin to giving my bank account a bump! Even though it was money that was already mine, keeping it almost felt like I was paying myself. And that felt good!

So this week, I rounded up the best from the web to help you keep those dollars in your pocket (or your bank):

30 Days Without Spending Money – Don’t Waste The Crumbs
Tiffany is undertaking a majorly impressive challenge – zero spending on groceries for remainder of August. Difficult? No doubt. But using up your pantry before buying more food is a great way to ensure that money stays in the bank. I can’t wait to follow along!

Save $100 This Week (and Beyond) – Couple Money
I was excited about a $20 bill – I’d definitely be excited about keeping $100 this week! Couple Money shares smart ways to seal spending leaks!

The Ultimate Training Course For Becoming a Shopping Sniper – Listen, Money Matters
Giving into shopping temptations is one surefire way for those dollars to fly from your pocket. The guys over at Listen, Money Matters share awesome tips to help you avoid splurging!

3 Easy Ways To (Almost) Instantly Come Up With 20 Dollars – Millennial Cents
Sometimes it’s about making that $20 bill rather than finding it. Leslie shares a few easy ways to put a little extra into your income.

Give Yourself a Raise – The New York Budget
On top of feeling great, paying myself before spending on unnecessary stuff also motivated me to do more of the same in the future. In an inspiring call to action, Dave explains the value of giving yourself small raises throughout the year.

We also had some very exciting news… ReadyForZero was named one of Time’s Top 40 websites in 2014!


That’s us!!!!

We’re thrilled to be a part of the mighty list and grateful for all the support from our community of users and readers!

Also, a big thank you to all those mentioning ReadyForZero last week…

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… and congratulations to our (long time) ReadyForZero pal and User of the Week, Jennifer!

Amazing job, Jennifer – keep up the good work!

Hope you all have a happy, happy weekend all!

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  • dontwastethecrumbs

    Thanks so much for the shout out Claire! Our 30 day challenge is definitely going to be difficult… I’m already seeing foods dwindle and my creativity level is on overdrive. But the urge to run to the store and spend is going down, so we’re headed in the right direction! You have some great tips to help keep our change in our pockets – keep up the great work!! ~Tiffany

    • Claire Murdough

      Hi Tiffany!

      I love keeping up with your blog – you share GREAT budgeting tips. Thanks so much for sharing your savings experiments and experiences. Just two-ish more weeks… you can do it!

  • Marie Groover

    I save $5 bills. I always get gas at $25 or $35, so I get $5 back. Break a $10 or $20 for a small purchase. Hide the $5 and keep the rest for another purchase. Saved $535 in less than 6 months. $ was considered ‘vacation fund’ so me & my daughter could have a mini school shopping/fun 3 day weekend before school started. Even kept the $5’s I got back while on vacation & have $90 already. I changed the $ to bigger bills at the bank before our trip…

    • Claire Murdough

      Hi Marie!

      That’s such a great idea!! I love following simple “money rules” and this one sounds like an easy way to save here and there. The savings are going to such a fun cause, too! Thanks so much for sharing 😀