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Hello readers and happy Friday! This week, we’re talking about housing costs. 

Are you a renter? Homeowner? In-between? Whatever your living status, you know that costs associated with housing usually come in as a big part of your budget. But that’s not to say there aren’t areas where you can cut your monthly spending! From sharing and splitting costs with roomies to fine-tuning your rental property as a landlord, we uncovered some great reads this week.

Looking to save on housing expenses? Check out these great reads to get started:

How To Split Costs With Roommates – Money Side of Life Even if you’re splitting rent, that doesn’t mean you’ll need to split everything. Here’s a great breakdown of what to share and what to separate with roomies when you’re living together under one roof.

Should You Buy a Metal Roof? – Sustainable Personal Finances Roofs are known as one of the biggest costs associated with homeownership which is why weighing your options is so important. If you’re in the market for a brand new covering, have you considered a metal roof? Click on for pros and cons!

10 Ways To Save On Home Improvements – Your Smart Money Moves Upgrading and updating your home can increase its market value. But don’t rack up high price tags on these projects and offset the financial benefit! Learn some ways you can cut the cost of home improvement projects in this post by Your Money Smart Moves.

Kitchen Upgrades To Keep Tenants Renting – L Bee and the Money Tree Renting out a property? Keeping satisfied tenants will limit turnover and associated costs. Lauren compiles a smart way to keep your space occupied – via upgrades to the kitchen.

First Person: I Cut My Housing Costs In Half – Yahoo Finance The less in the red, the better – this includes a mortgage! Check out how one woman was able to halve her housing expenses by using smart saving tactics and calculated spending strategies.

Treehouse Living is an Affordable Option – Money Side of Life Sure, this one’s not for everyone, but that’s not to say you won’t benefit from considering creative alternatives to traditional housing. Plus, you’d probably make some pretty awesome squirrel friends!

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Enjoy your weekend and happy house hunting… or house living… or house renting… or tree housing!!!

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