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You hear a lot about saving money in the personal community. Ways to cut costs here or save on expenses there. But increasing your earnings over time is also an important part of a successful financial plan! And what better way to boost your income than looking for ways to boost your career? That can mean adding an extra source of income, pushing for the promotion you deserve, or even redirecting your professional path. If you want to continue building your wealth, focusing on ways to nurture your career is an excellent place to start.

Whether you’re looking for a job, happily employed, or ready for some extra motivation, check out these great resources to help you foster and grow your career. Here are our top picks of the week:

5 Ways To Make a Lasting Impression – The Daily Muse
They say first impressions can make or break an opportunity – here are some tips to make sure your first meeting is always a positive and lasting interaction!

15 Ways To Improve Your Career Prospects and Reach Work-Related Goals – Money Crashers
Ready for some great tips on how to accelerate your career? Money Crashers shares excellent advice for professionals anywhere on the career spectrum.

How To Raise Your Prices As a Freelancer – Frugal Rules
We have quite a few freelancing friends so we’re happy to share some advice for those who are workin’ solo (and workin’ hard) and want to nudge their rates. Cat over at Frugal Rules gives some great tips for negotiating freelance prices!

5 Financial Moves To Make In The First 5 Years of Your Career – Forbes
When you’re first starting out on a career path, you have a great opportunity to set the tone for your future. Here’s how to foster your beginning years in a way that sets you on the right track later!

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How To Conquer a New Job Interview – GoGirl Finance
Whether you’re securely in a position or currently looking around, you can always benefit from honing in on your interview skills. Not only is interviewing a skill useful for snagging a job, many of the same principles can be applied to networking, too!

Finding and Keeping a Mentor – Ask The Young Professional
One of the best ways to gain insight into a field of work or strengthen your expertise is to find a mentor. They’re experience is invaluable and it’s incredible to have someone who supports your journey (complete with stumbling blocks)!

Straight From The ReadyForZero Community
Our Facebook community is a great place to get added support – they’re a smart bunch too! Asked for tips about growing a career, ReadyForZero community member Brant had this to say:


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Lastly, an important part of a career is the time off – so enjoy your weekend!

How have you worked to grow your career? Any tips from our readers, for our readers?

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