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Happy Friday, ReadyForZero readers! This week we’re taking on the topic thrift.

Ever find yourself snowballing your spending only if you start spending on a certain thing in the first place? That’s me with new clothes. I’m perfectly fine shopping my own closet until I actually need something, for instance a new winter coat to replace the original that’s falling apart. Then, it’s all bets off. Suddenly, I’ll also “need” new shoes or “need” a new backpack. When put in the line of temptation, I’m completely susceptible to impulse spending.

But one way I’ve found to keep myself honest in my shopping is to forgo putting myself in environments that encourage increased spending. You know, those shopping malls where everything is so organized and easy to grab. Instead, I opt for used clothing stores as an alternative. Whether you’re a budgeting guru or simply looking for some areas to spend, thrift stores continue to be a great way to get fashion at a discounted price.

Not only can you find high quality clothing at a cheaper price, you’re not at the mercy of marketing efforts that abound at shopping malls. The result? Less impulse purchasing and more items that fit your actual needs. Having to sort through the variety, the styles, and the sizes in thrift stores helps you to focus on buying the things that are right for you, rather than simply grabbing everything in sight off a department store rack.

So this week (inspired by a post by Kali from Common Sense Millennial) I thought I’d take a look around for posts to help you find your best thrift store finds. I found some great tips… have a look!

My Newest Savings Challenge: Thrift Shops Only – Common Sense Millennial
In an effort to avoid spending at bigger name stores, Kali has committed herself to a spending challenge that limits her shopping to thrift shops. Keeping costs down while reusing? I can’t wait to follow along!

3 Tips For Thrift Shopping Success – The Write Budget
Thrift shopping doesn’t always pan out upon first glance of the offerings. But devoting attention to detail and really digging in to find the right fit and style for you can leave you with some great finds.

Top 5 Websites for Budget-Friendly Clothes – Go Girl Finance
For those of you who want to keep your used clothes shopping to online purchasing, here are 5 great resources to start hunting down your perfect outfit on a budget.

12 Ways I’m Going To Save Money This Fall – Club Thrifty
Buying out of season clothing is a smart tip among many from Holly of Club Thrifty. Read on for more ways to get your savings on as autumn approaches!

The Clear Your Closet Challenge – The Budget-Minded Traveler
Need more motivation to save on clothing? Jackie shares via video how she cuts her wardrobe spending so she can save up for her other goals.

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Now it’s time to give the final “happy weekend”, readers! Go forth and be thrifty.

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  • Great roundup of thrift store posts! I usually try to go to thrift stores every now and then to look for items I need. I can usually save a decent amount of money this way.

    • Claire Murdough

      I LOVE seeing the difference in my bill at the end, especially when I snag a brand name at a fraction of the price!

      Thanks for reading 🙂

  • Kathy from CT

    I myself haven’t been very successful with thrift store shopping. I do, however, stick to basic colors that can mix and match, throwing in colored tops to give myself variety.

    • Claire Murdough

      Another great strategy for saving!! Thanks for the tip, Kathy 😀

  • Thank you so much for including my post! I love thrifting (obviously!), but it does take some dedication.