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Happy Friday and happy September, readers! This week we’re talking about money and family matters.

I didn’t have much of a financial philosophy instilled in me when I grew up. The extent of my family’s financial wisdom was something akin to “everything will be alright” and “everything will even out in the end.” Though both are powerful mantras to touch base with, these sayings also aren’t the most actionable pieces of advice. Were I to tell my student loan servicer I plan to stop making payments because I’m confident it’ll all work out in the end… well, I think we all know how that would go.

Despite my light interaction with finances growing up, I’ve come to recognize that the way I was raised had a serious impact on the way that I approach certain situations. Including, of course, how I approach money situations.

Whether you had a financially minded upbringing or not, we’re all a product of our upbringing to some degree. Maybe your family didn’t talk about money, so you used cues from the actions of your parents or siblings. Or maybe you did talk about money and could recite current interest rates by memory by the time you were two. Regardless, your family’s interaction with money minded topics likely had an impact on how you think about finance. That’s why it’s important to distinguish where your money beliefs come from so you can take action (or control) as you set your own financial future!

Whether it’s in how people naturally split a check or how they approach their entire financial strategy… family matters when it comes to money.

So this week, I rounded up some of the best family and finance articles. Enjoy!

Wedding Planning 101: Save Cash While Saving a Date – Girls Just Want To Have Funds
If you’re just entering into your coupled life, the wedding might be your first financial trial by fire. Here are top ways to keep your spending under control as a couple while also planning your impending nuptials!

5 Ways To Combine Money With Your Spouse – Finance Girl
One of the biggest challenges in a relationship is merging your money. Different money upbringings could have you confused as to how to go about it successfully! Natalie gives 5 ways to combine finances along with some excellent examples.

How To Have a Monthly Money Date With Your Spouse – GoGirl Finances
To keep both your heads in the game, touch base with the financial goals of your spouse by setting a date to catch-up on your money goings on. GoGirl Finances shares tips on setting up your financial date night!

Why New Parents Are In The Perfect Financial Situation – Mom and Dad Money
After creating a financial philosophy as a couple, you may soon after find yourself facing the possibility of creating a financial philosophy for your kids. Matt shares a thoughtful post on why new parents might just be in the perfect position to set (and reach) financial goals.

Mom Goes Back To Work – See Debt Run
Growing a family is tough work – whether at home or at the office. For families with two working parents, here’s how to approach the question of returning to the workforce.

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  • Natalie @ Financegirl

    I love this post so much! It’s exactly what my readers are looking for.. Don’t be surprised if I link to it next week 🙂 Oh, and thank you so much for including me! Have a great weekend.

    • Claire Murdough

      Thank you Natalie! I’m always excited to feature your great post 🙂

  • Talking about money with your family is just as important as earning money to support your family. One without the other isn’t enough. We never talked about it much growing up, but as soon as I was 16 and earning money we sat down and talked all the time. My parents let me be involved when they paid of their house, they have showed me all their accounts and will and their retirement plans. Helps us out all around.

    • Claire Murdough

      I love the idea of sitting down and talking about financial plans with the whole family. Finance has long been considered such a taboo topic but you’re absolutely right in that sharing and conversation helps everyone involved!!