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I come from a long family lineage of “worriers”. My mom was a total nail biter. My grandfather worried over every little detail. When I was a little kid I used to stay up at night fretting over impending visits to the dentist – even if the next appointment was 6 months away. To sum up, I’m no stranger to anxiety. When it comes to financial worry, I’ll be the first to admit I experience gut-dropping panic when things don’t go according to plan. I also know I’m not alone.

Everyone worries about their finances at one point or another. In many ways, money fret is a perpetual fact of life. In many cases, financial matters aren’t a concern on your radar… until they are.  And then they really set up shop in your mind. That being said, there’s a difference between feeling concerned and feeling paralyzed by anxiety. Especially when we feel like we can’t get a financial break. The best thing we can do to move forward towards success is face our worries and acknowledge that no one is immune to occasional financial upsets, big or small. Parking tickets. Medical debt. Unemployment. These are legitimate reasons to feel upset. But don’t let your financial worry trigger flight. It’s time to fight the fret!

If you need to, give yourself a hug. Then eat an ice cream cone. Then, put on your game face. You’ve got this. Seriously. You’ve. got. this.

Financial circumstances may not pan out in the way you expect. Additionally, the details of a financial challenge or success may change over time. But if you let your decisions be driven by worry alone, you’ll fail to see just how far you’ve come and how much you’ve accomplished! Worries are fleeting. Your efforts- those are what propel you forward. So to get your head in the right place, check out the top posts of the week to motivate and inspire you:

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Worry is a lonely mindset but one thing’s for sure – you’re definitely not alone in money woes. Monica shares some of the most common concerns that people encounter and over to surge ahead!

Feeling Financially Bloated – Save. Spend. Splurge.
Worry isn’t always immediate – sometimes those feelings of anxiety creep up slowly. Save. Spend. Splurge. explores what it means to feel financially bloated from spending – plus tips on how to bounce back!

How To Not Let Debt control Your Life – Darling Magazine
In an incredibly motivating piece highlighting what it means to take control of your finances, Bianca Strzelczyk offers advice on how to face your money fears and build a solid financial life.

Thanks all to mentioning ReadyForZero this last week…

Miss Millennia Magazine
The Broke Professional

… and congratulations to Vivian, our User of The Week! She totally kicked her debt’s butt to the tune of $2000. Amazing accomplishment and worthy of a loud and proud shout out!


Now, toss your worries aside (at least for a few minutes), take a deep breath, and be one with the fact that it’s Friday! Indeed, it is.

Enjoy the weekend, readers.

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