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One of the best ways to give oomph to your budget is to take advantage of the potential behind what you already have. This can include selling your stuff, increasing home equity by improving on what you have, or even optimizing and marketing your current skills. It’s incredible what a fresh coat of paint (or some honed creativity) can get you!

We rounded up some great articles to help you utilize the full worth of the things you already have and earn on what you own:

How to Make Money on Craigslist – Cash Cow Couple
Craigslist is one of the most universally known (and used) online marketplaces. It’s a great place to sell your stuff but getting the most out of the service takes more than putting up a quick post. Cash Cow Couple gives some great tips on how to use Craigslist to your full advantage!

Can I Really Earn Money on Etsy? Earning on Etsy Series Part 1 – Six Figures Under
Channel your crafty side to create things from materials you already have… then sell ‘em on Etsy! I highly recommend this resource for anyone interested in Etsy’s online market as a way to make extra cash for their creations.

Am I A #1 Hustler Or Selling Myself Short? – Dear Debt
You hear a lot about side hustling in the financial blogger community – and for good reason. It’s a great way to increase income by utilizing skills that you already have! But is it always the right decision? Melanie from Dear Debt shares some great perspective on how to set value to your time and energy.

Where Can I Learn Home Improvement Skills? – Lifehacker
Building on the efficiency or aesthetic appeal of your house is a smart move when you’re strategizing for an eventual return on value. But before you start tearing down the walls for a puppy palace, checkout how to build up your home improvement skills via Lifehacker.

17 Make-It-Happen Makeovers to Try Today – Oprah Magazine
And if one good thing leads to another… then might as well continue the momentum! Here are 17 ways to increase the value of your possessions and your living space with creative makeovers.

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