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When I moved in with my college boyfriend for the first time, we had a throw-down over how to furnish the apartment. I started listing all the things we needed, and he countered by listing all the things we didn’t need. It was pretty much a zero sum game…

We need a microwave.
We don’t need a microwave.

We need a bath mat.
We don’t need a bath mat.

… and so on and so forth. I was the one who wanted more, he was very much the one who wanted less. Though we probably each dug our heels in a little too hard, I recognize now that I was just trying to fill an empty space rather than think about whether I actually wanted the things that would fill it. In that respect, I did learn a bit about my spending habits.

Even now, I have a tendency to pick up things that I don’t necessarily need. Sometimes it’s because I inherit something (for example, furniture), sometimes it’s because it feeds into my spending weakness (kitchen tools). But adding stuff to my life is a habit I’m actively trying to break. Ultimately, I want to understand the true intent behind my purchase and I want new items to hold a function in my life. Honestly, I just want to bring more order and appreciation to the things I do have instead of adding to a pile I might end up donating later. Particularly inspired by financial blogger Cait who recently pledged to make the upcoming year a period dedicated to minimalism, I thought I’d round up some of the best tips and posts investigating the positive impact of paring down possessions.

In minimalist fashion, I’ve also kept it at a cool top five this week:

The Year I Plan To Embrace Minimalism – Blonde on a Budget In celebration of her birthday, Cait made a pledge to keep her purchasing at a minimum. Not only is it an inspirational post, I can’t wait to keep up with her goal!

How to Start a Minimalist Wardrobe – Frugal Portland Of course, there are some things that shall need to remain in your possession – namely, clothes. Frugal Portland gives tips on creating the perfect minimalist wardrobe, all while on a budget!

What Things Can You Get Rid Of? – The Minimalists Not sure where to start? A short list (in keeping with the minimalist theme) of things to begin cutting from your possession!

Decluttering Tips and Tricks – Nourishing Minimalism Great ways to approach how you look at your belongings and how to qualify what goes, and what stays!

The 10 Most Important Things To Simplify In Your Life – Becoming Minimalist I’m a fan of any top ten list and this one in particular gives great insight into the perks of simplifying your life and decluttering your space and your mind!

Before you enjoy your weekend, thanks to all mentioning ReadyForZero…
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Planning Your Perfect Summer Staycation –

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Congratulations! You guys are rockin’ the repayment!

Lastly, I might encourage thinking about paring down your stuff but please don’t ever pare down on having a happy Friday!

 Have you pruned your belongings recently? I for one have a few bagfuls of clothes waiting to be donated this weekend.

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