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Income is an essential part of the debt payoff equation. Make (or save) more money than you spend to end up in the black each month. But what about when that income isn’t quite as high what you were expecting, or when you’ve decided to have a go at earning it elsewhere?

Unemployment or career uncertainty can feel financially crippling. But careful planning can help you to mobilize your career and your dreams – without feeling the financial pinch.

If you’re reconsidering your career or deciding on one to begin with, we’ve rounded up some awesome articles that offer valuable tips and insight:

Ask the Readers: Should You Move For Work? – Get Rich Slowly
If a job opportunity in another city or state is tempting you to relocate, how do you know if the move is worth it? Get Rich Slowly has an equation to help you decide!

14 Tips For Networking Without Breaking the Bank – Man vs. Debt
Each person you meet is connected to a web of others, widening your exposure to potential job opportunities or employers. Here are some great tips to network while staying on a budget!

How To Pay For Graduate School – Money Smart Life
There usually comes a time when the idea of graduate school or continued education comes into consideration. And with that, the question of affordability. Money Smart Life shares some alternative ways to fund your schooling!

Career Tips From 12 of the Most Successful People –
If you’re looking for a bit of extra motivation in your job hunt, take a look at this compilation of motivating advice from some famously successful individuals via Lisa at!

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