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Hello readers and a happy, happy Friday to you!

This week we’re talking about a topic that I’d almost rather not acknowledge: the end of summer. But instead of focusing on any summertime blues, we’re talking about how to enjoy the end of summer. Specifically, how to budget for one last hurrah before BBQs and pool time comes to a close. One last vacation? Yes, please!

But did you know that a good chunk of Americans are saying no to vacation? At least, according to a study shared by MindBodyGreen. Listing reasons from personal preference to office pressure, the article highlights a variety of reasons for rejecting vacation time. But you may be able to take a guess at the the third most common response for saying nay to a summer break:

“I cannot afford a vacation.”

Ouch. That’s a painful reality to face. Working hard in order to earn a living is a fact of life. But so should taking a break to enjoy all other aspects of life!

So how can you enjoy the best of both worlds? Plan ahead and incorporate frugal fun.

There are tons of ways to enjoy the last bit of summer while also sticking to your budget. If you can’t swing the time off or are feeling particularly inflexible with your spending plan, free or cheap weekend activities are always an option. Planning a budget ahead of time is also a great way to enjoy a vacation guilt free.

So say yay to vacation and check out our top posts to help you budget for the dusk of summer fun:

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Suitcase Essentials that Save Money On Every Trip – Creative Savings Blog
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The Long Awaited Family Vacation – See Debt Run
Juggling expenses for lodging, food, and activities can easily overwhelm parents with a family vacation on the horizon. But with some careful budgeting and a plan of action, these family adventures don’t have to clean out your bank account! Read on to find out how one family of five managed their trip to Disneyland, while still coming out on top.

How to Take a Social Media Vacation: The Complete Guide To Pausing, Leaving, or Taking a Break From Social Media – The Buffer Blog
For all of you bloggers out there... it might feel like you never really get a break for summer, especially with a little blue twitter bird flying over your head. If you’ve been itching to get away then take a look at these great tips for pulling the plug and budgeting for some “me time.”

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Now, time to go and enjoy the weekend (and the summer)!

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