Topics We’re Talking About: Banishing Scary Costs


Hello happy people! It’s Friday and this week – in honor of Halloween – we’re talking about frightening costs. More specifically, how to budget for and avoid them. PS boo!

I have to admit, I had a lot fun with this post. My mind splashed around in a pool of Halloween puns and references. I scoured the web for creative, inspiring posts (and found quite the treasure trove). And – importantly – I ate a Reese’s pumpkin as I did so. Who says there’s no room for fun in finance?

Though it’s the Halloween edition of “Topics We’re Talking About” post, scary costs are a year round obstacle. From spending leaks that slowly drain the health (vampire alert!) of your bank account, to once every full moon fees (werewolf alert!), to times when you indulge a little more than you planned to (candy alert!)… there’s nothing more frustrating than having a budget in place only to have it attacked by unwanted expenses.

So what can you do to avoid costs that spur financial fear?

  • Keep in touch with your expenses so you’re fully aware of when your money is being spent and where exactly it’s going.
  • Incorporate flexibility into your expenses so that you have a bit of wiggle room for those extras.

A bit of communication. A bit of planning. Not so scary, eh? To help you banish some of your scary expenses, check out these top reads of the week!

Busy Girl Life: Healthy and Easy Freezer Meals – GenTwenty
What’s scarier than throwing away half of your food? Not much in my opinion. To prevent food waste (and save money) check out GenTwenty’s list for easy meals to store for the long term. Have freezer, will save!

Great Trash Finds: The Kitchen Edition – The Frugalwoods
I’m crushing hard on the Frugalwoods blog lately. Not only because they feature some seriously helpful budgeting tips, but also because the Frugalwoods embrace their frugal nature (ha!) to the fullest! In this post, Mrs. Frugalwood shares some of their most epic trash finds – not scary, just awesome – and makes an excellent case for reusing when and where we can. As my own apartment is furnished with hand-me-downs and garage sale finds, this is a post after my own heart!

Keeping Lifestyle Inflation At Bay – The Simple Dollar
It can be a little bit unnerving to see how much our stuff defines our perception of success. But understanding your views on material goods is an excellent way to avoid lifestyle inflation while also keeping your expenses at bay. Unnecessary expenses – be gone!

Put Your Savings on Autopilot – Money Under 30
Automating your finances is a great way to fight some of the fear associated with managing your bank accounts. Having your money transferred automatically into a savings account or emergency fund will help you grow a safety net without a second thought. David shares tips in this excellent post! Kind of like putting your savings into zombie mode? (I’m sorry… I had to.)

How To Make Beer At Home – Brewing Process, Supplies & Cost – Money Crashers
Not so much frightening as cool, here are some tips for tapping (ha!) into the fine art of beer brewing. A comprehensive guide to get you started (plus a breakdown of expected costs), it’s a Happy Halloween post for amateur brewski lovers.

Thanks so much to all those mentioning ReadyForZero over the last week!

Two Cents
The Financial Diet

And because life is better with jokes…

What did the grandfather ghoul say to his ghoul grandson?
You gruesome.

Happy Halloween!

Image Credit: Martin Fisch

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  • I love Halloween! And Reese’s pumpkins… mmmm. Thank you so much for including my Great Trash Finds post–I really appreciate it!