Topics We’re Talking About: Avoiding Spending Temptations This Holiday Season


Is it really possible to navigate the sales and holiday spending temptations without breaking the budget?

It’s the question of the season and one that, admittedly, doesn’t always have a simple answer. With advertisements and sales at every turn it’s tougher than ever to keep your budget in line. Unfortunately, those extra expenses can really put the pressure on your bank account.

But being prepared to counter temptation logically will help you to stick to spending limits. Planning and managing those expenses will help you to achieve financial balance and survive the spending season!

Here some great articles we’ve rounded up to help you to resist overspending and stay in control of your budget this holiday:

Resisting the Hard Sell – How to Say No to Slick Sales Pitches – Cash Money Life Stores know what they’re doing when they put products on their shelves. They’re trying to get the highest sales and they’ll do anything and everything to achieve those numbers. Here’s how to say no when you’re pressured to buy!

There’s No Such Things as a Must-Buy Bargain – The Simple Dollar Ever feel like you have to buy something when it’s on sale? But even if it’s a deal doesn’t, it mean that you need it. Read on for tips to resist the urge!

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Your Take: Does a High Price Make You Think It’s Better? – Bargaineering A higher price doesn’t automatically equate to higher quality. Sometimes generic brands or bargains are perfectly suitable (and cheaper) options. Share your thoughts on Bargaineering!

How to Avoid Binge Shopping – Get Rich Slowly Find that one purchase always leads to another? Get Rich Slowly offers some great tips on how to avoid the easy over-spending mentality.

The Creepiest Ways Retailers Stalk You While You Shop – Huffington Post Retailers know exactly how to target their buyers in order to make an extra buck. Check out some of the creepiest ways your shopping habits are being tracked.

Your Guide to Holiday (Under) Spending  – Redbook Need a little bit of help as you navigate the shopping aisles? Redbook has some great tricks to ensure that you stick to your holiday budget!

For some more reading before you enjoy your weekend, check out our guest post at Modest Money…

Top 10 Reasons You Will Get Out of Debt This Year – Modest Money

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