Topics We’re Talking About: Appreciating the “Haves” In Life


Happy Friday, everyone!!

Shopping trends have dominated the headlines the last few weeks so it’s no wonder that we’ve got stuff on the mind. But when you’re focused on filling the gaps in your possessions, you may find yourself giving less attention to the things that you already have!

That’s why for this week’s “Topics We’re Talking About” post we decided to share our favorite articles encouraging you to take a breath, slow down, and find the bright spots in life!

How to Limit Materialism During the Holidays – Sustainable Life Blog If you’re feeling a little overwhelmed by the ads and sales you could probably benefit from a little breather from spending. Sustainable Life Blog shares some great ways to reset!!

Do You Allow Yourself to Experience Joy In It’s Fullest Force? – Working Self Here you can find some excellent tips from Working Self on how to understand end express joy to the fullest. A wonderful and motivational read!

Living Well Spending Less: My Old Couch Is Here to Stay – Common Sense Millennial I almost fell off my chair when I realized that Kali owns the very same couch that I have sitting in my own living room! Her insight on how aesthetics don’t necessarily necessitate a purchase is an excellent reminder to appreciate the function of our possessions!

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The Gratitude Project: Week 1 – L Bee and the Money Tree To make sure that you carve out the time to just simply appreciate what you have, you can make gratitude a part of your daily routine. Lauren tried it out and shared her experience. Check it out!

7 Tips to Start 2014 on a Fabulously Positive Note – Mind Body Green And what better way to start out a new year than with a (particularly) positive tone? Here are 7 ways to guarantee a brighter outlook!

Before you enjoy your weekend, check-out the sites mentioning ReadyForZero…

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… and our guest posts!

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Happy weekend!

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