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Every week, we feature our favorite posts from the financial world. This week’s topic: budgets and balance!

 Learning to create and balance a budget is one of the most challenging elements of a financial plan. But it’s also one of the best ways to support your long-term financial goals. And as with anything else, in financial planning there are the ups and then there are the downs. The splurge months, and the lean months. But focusing on how to achieve an equilibrium is essential for sticking to your goals.

Everybody will have a different approach to finding that balance but by putting your attention on what works in your financial circumstances you’ll be on the right track for your journey.

Here are some great articles to help you strive towards a healthy financial balance:

Doing Lifestyle Choices Right When it Comes to Your Spending – One Money Design How you balance your finances can depend on what lifestyle choices you make. If you’re wondering how to balance your lifestyle with your financial plans, read on!

Keeping a Budget vs. Tracking Your Spending – Mom and Dad Money
Not all techniques for reaching financial balance are the same! In this post, Matt from Mom and Dad Money compares the strategies of budgeting your expenses and tracking your expenses.

6 Unexpected Ways to Save – Club Thrifty If you’ve run out of ideas of where to save, check out these less obvious areas. They could very well give you the extra saving you need to balance out your spending!

7 Money Saving Strategies That Cost You More – Get Rich Slowly
Alternatively, some saving habits can actually cost you more in the long run. Find out which saving tactics are potential spending traps!

Why Can’t We Do It All – Your Smart Money Moves An expected timeline is another component of what goes into your long term budgeting goals. This post is a great reminder that it’s OK to prioritize goals instead of trying to achieve them all at once.

Fear to Spend Money – Girl Counting Pennies Eva shares how proper budgeting can help you to monitor your spending without sacrificing it all! A perfect lesson in balance.

You Don’t Have to Spend Big Bucks to Enjoy Some “Me Time” – mindbodygreen Need a reset before you start your great financial balancing act? Mindbodygreen shares helpful tips to treat yourself without spending big.

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  • Thanks for the shout out Claire! Hope you have a great weekend!

    • Claire Murdough

      You too!!

  • Nice collection! Reading several right now that I hadn’t gotten to yet. Balancing my budget always takes a lot of willpower, only because I’m making myself live on such a tight one, but I’m making it — just takes a bit of know-how!

    • Claire Murdough

      Thanks for the comment Kayla!! Keep on rocking that willpower 🙂