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Turns out that doggy in the window costs much more than the initial price tag. Food, lodging, and toys add up quickly and anyone with a pet knows these expenses easily take up a significant part of the budget. And while dogs have the reputation of being a pricey pet, other animals aren’t exactly free to keep. That Spider-Man costume for your iguana doesn’t come cheap.

To help you budget for the expenses of pet ownership, check out these great posts with helpful saving tips and words of wisdom!

5 Words That Trick You Into Overspending on Pet Food – Brokepedia
In one of those awesomely unique posts that digs into the hows and whys of spending, Kristin shares 5 simple words that could have you overpaying for your Purina.

Pets Without The Price Tag – The Broke and Beautiful Life
You might have your eye on that purebred Dachshund but there are plenty of alternatives to save on the initial cost of a pet. Stefanie shares ways to pursue your pet-owning dreams which supporting worthy causes!

5 Unexpected Costs of Pet Ownership – US News
The cost of a pet goes beyond the room and board – have you considered these 5 unexpected costs of pet ownership?

28 Ways to Save Big Bucks on Pet Supplies – MoneyTalksNews
With 28 different ways to save on pet supply costs, that’s almost one pet expense saving tip a day! Check out these helpful tips via MoneyTalkNews.

Are Your Pets Tax Deductions? – Wall Street Journal
Tax-time is fast approaching, which means taxpayers are scrambling to compile every tax deduction possible. Do your pet owning expenses fit the requirements? Read on to find out what costs might boost your tax return!

Are Pets Owners Saving Money The Wrong Way? – She Knows
Though sometimes pricey, preventative health care for pets can help you to avoid high high vet costs down the road. She Knows shares the best approach to planning out the necessary spending plan for the health of your pet.

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