Topics We’re Talking About: Moving. Blech.

moving boxes

Seeing as it’s Friday the 13th, I thought it would be appropriate to theme this week’s talk around something epically scary: MOVING.

Shudders all around.

I’m no fan of packing up to make a move (I’m sure many of you share the same sentiment) and beyond paying friends in pizza and beer, hiring a mover has never been in my budget. But with an impending and mysterious move in my future (as in, from somewhere in Oakland to somewhere else in Oakland) I’m already punching the numbers to see how I might be able to budget for a smooth transition – whether that means a rental truck, movers (a probable pipe dream), or even some expendable cash via selling stuff on Craigslist. In short – I’m planning on making a plan.

Moving is never fun but organizing ahead of time can make your move all the more seamless. Here are the top picks for posts to help you get packed and transported without breaking the bank!

Should I Move To a New City To Look For a Job? – Lifehacker
Thinking about taking a location leap but worried about career stability on the other side? Some great advice to help you organize your search and weigh the pros/cons.

65 Things To Trash Before Moving Across The Country – Bargain Babe
Don’t pay to move things that you’ll end up throwing out when you unpack! Here’s a great list to help you pare down your possessions before packing up.

Hidden Costs of Relocating: What To Know Before You Move – Daily Finance Don’t get caught off guard by unexpected moving costs! Budget and balance before you start packing up.

Can You Deduct Your Moving Expenses? – Bankrate
If you’re moving for a job, don’t forget to take advantage of tax breaks. Here’s what you need to know!

Do You Make These 5 Renters Mistakes? – Budget Blonde
If you’re a renter, you might be getting the short end of the stick -without even realizing it. Here are 5 mistakes to avoid when signing the lease!

Tips For Moving To a New City – The Great Balancing Act
Once you’re settled, you face the task of setting down some roots. Here’s how to get cozy in your new city!

The Cost of Moving Your Stuff Across Country – The Billfold
In a more humorous (if not realistic) breakdown of expenses, check out the cost of moving cross country as a soon to be Peace Corps volunteer.

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… and check out our guest posts!

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And a special shoutout to Alltop this week. If you’ve never checked it out, it’s a great resource for finding other financial topics and news. Financial empowerment lies in knowledge!

Happy weekending, folks!

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