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The holidays are usually known as a time to splurge whether that means in spending or in extra pie and cookies. If you’re looking to clean up your eating habits while also tightening your budget you’ll be faced with the task of balancing the two. But when organic or health foods come with a higher price tag, can you meet the requirements of sticking to a budget while also eating healthier?

It might take a bit of planning and rearranging but you can create an affordable meal plan that’s made up of healthy eats! Shopping seasonally and planning out your grocery store plan of attack are just a couple to start.

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This week, we’ve rounded up some unique perspectives and options for cheap (but healthy) eats:

Smart Shopping: Save Money on Your Next Grocery Shop by Planning Ahead – The Money Principle Planning ahead is one of the best ways to ensure you stick to your food budget. Here are some great tips from Maria to help you structure your plan!

Cheap Grocery Alternatives to Meat – Financial Highway Going veggie at least once a week is another way to save cash. Since meat can be one of the pricier things on your menu, check out some of these healthful (and cheap) alternatives to meat.

Creating a Frugal Grocery Budget {A Series} – Part 1 – Don’t Waste The Crumbs To jump start your meal plan, take a look at this great post on how to create your frugal budget. Tiffany breaks down the process in useful and easy to follow steps. The perfect resource for beginner and advanced budgeters alike!

Tips For Eating Healthy on a Budget – She Knows From the mouth of a healthy, affordable food expert, here are some great go-to tips to set a healthy food plan without blowing your budget!

What Separates a Healthy and Unhealthy Diet? $1.50 a day – NPR via Maria Godoy $1.50 may seem like small change, but can mean the difference in a nutritious grocery haul. Check out this interesting article which breaks down the numbers!

Eat Seasonally Charts: Vegetables and Fruits – CUESA One of your best bets in saving money on fruits and vegetables is to eat seasonally when possible. These charts help you to plan out your fruit and veggies throughout the year.

Top 20 Winter Recipes – BBC And now that you’re armed with the right kind of ingredients, think about turning them into a meal. Make a big batch of any of these tasty dishes and you’ll find it easy to stick to your budget!

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