The Top 7 Financial Podcasts For Millennials


I love a good podcast. They’re free, they prompt thought, and most importantly, podcasts are what keeps me sane as I enter the scrappy subterranean of the metro and decompress from a work day. I’m that girl laughing in the corner with her earbuds on, or pulling epic “hmmm, interesting” faces. Once, I cried while listening to a particularly tender episode. Clearly, these listens can have a big impact – and not just emotionally. I’ve also learned tons from podcasts. In particular, I’ve learned a ton about managing my finances.

But here’s crazy thing: there’s no category for financial podcasts on iTunes. There’s business, there’s investing, but personal finance? The topic hasn’t hacked its way into the mix. What!? So it goes without saying, there’s no subcategory for “financial podcasts for millennials.” That’s exactly why I jumped at the idea to curate one. Since we millennials are pretty comfy with the idea of incorporating podcasts into our daily lives, what better way to learn about money than via some easy listening? Learning how to manage my money, grow my wealth, pay off debt – these are the things that have helped me to gain control over my financial present and future.

So without further ado, my countdown for top financial podcasts that’ll get you on track with taking control of your financial life. For millennials, from a millennial.

7. Marketplace Money

Marketplace – ahh!! Money – ahhh! Nope, neither have to be scary topics. Here’s a great podcast to help you mind your money and to dip a toe (or several) into financial topics like investing and the money market. It incorporates the “grown-up” side of finance and money news. If you’re willing to listen and learn, it’s a super resource.

Perfect for:
The nitty gritty information to help you keep ahead of the financial game. News and timely information.

Start here:

Women, Divorce, and Long Term Finances
Ers Are Still Busy, Affordable Care Act and All

Rating on iTunes:

6. You Need a Budget (YNAB) Podcast

Listen up, Millennials. You DO need a budget. And the sooner you make one, the better off you’ll be. You Need a Budget is first and foremost an app to help you organize your spending and income but the podcast shares all sorts of valuable perspective to help you take control of your financial life.

Perfect for:
Honest and upfront financial ponderings. This one is kind of like your financial daily vitamin.

Start here:

The Black Box of Spending
Spending Tens of Thousands of Dollars Is So Easy
Clear Thinking About Your Financial Priorities

Rating on iTunes:

5. Stuff Mom Never Told You

This ones towards the ladies because… hey, I’m a lady millennial. Cristin and Caroline are excellent hosts and aren’t afraid to take on some of the more controversial subjects. These two address all sorts of topics but there are quite a few financially geared podcasts for the millennial woman. PS guys can listen too… we all had a mother, after-all.

Perfect for:
Any gal or guy who wants to tap into a female (albeit still unbiased) perspective on a broad range of issues.

Start here:

Are Women Less Financially Literate Than Men?
Is There A Gender Wage Gap?

Rating on iTunes:

4. Planet Money

A whole planet for money? You betcha. We’re living on it. Every. Day. Shoutout Earth! Here’s a podcast that widens the scope and extends the conversation to economics and community repercussions of individual’s relationships with money. Planet Money also details useful perspectives on more personal financial subjects. The range of topics alone is enough to keep your interest for many a listen.

Perfect for:
Inspiring new perspective on how we interact with money in the real world.

Start here:

The Real Price of College
When Salaries Aren’t Secret

Rating on iTunes:
4.5 stars

3. Stacking Benjamins: Earn, Save and Build With a Plan

Anyone who doesn’t want to stack their benjamins clearly hasn’t realized the value of saving. This is a great podcast for anyone who wants straightforward money chats on topics that are directly relevant to personal finance. The host (named Joe – not to be confused with Benjamin Franklin) is full of wise insight and financial know-how. Plus he’s an entertaining host! Interviewing a great line-up of interviewees, it’s a great window into the online personal finance blogger world.

Perfect for:
A well-rounded look into different techniques for achieving financial freedom and gaining financial empowerment.

Start here:

How One Man Turned Big Debt Into Motivation
Creating The Pitch Perfect Budget

Rating on iTunes:
5 stars

2. Freakonomics

Gettin’ freaky with the economy and personal finance – therein lies the value for millennials interested in eye-opening perspectives on money and how we interact with the social market. Freakonomics podcast is a solid audio show spun off from the wildly successful Freakonomics book series.

Perfect for:
The millennial, the casual listener – pretty much anyone who wants to be entertained and pushed to think in a new way. Such is the perk of taking on all the fun topics and conundrums of economics!

Start here:

Would a Big Bucket of Cash Really Change Your Life?
How to Think About Money, Choose Your Hometown, and Buy an Electric Toothbrush

Rating on iTunes:

1. Listen, Money Matters!

These guys are honestly the best. There are few podcasts that manage to balance off the cuff conversation with truly valuable information – and these guys have nailed it. Highly entertaining, direct, and most importantly REAL. Matt and Andrew take on the gamut of personal finance topics, from frugal savings tips to debt repayment. Top recommended podcast for Millennials who want to get their finances in order and start building all kinds of wealth (and not just a stockpile of Oreos.)

Perfect for:
Anyone wanting honest perspective on financial know-how. PS Their tagline is “Manage Your Money Like a Badass,” if you needed any further convincing!

Start here:

How To Find an Awesome Job
Emergency Funds, Debt vs Invest, and Frugality?
Mastering Debt Reduction
The Psychology of Money With Kristin Wong

Rating on iTunes:
4.5 stars

There you have it, fellow millennials! Podcasts to fill your headspace as you ride the bus or take your daily walk at lunch. Now, ready to impress your friends with all your money savvy? Have a listen and start setting down your tracks to financial success!

Image Credit: Viktor Hanacek

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  • Billiam

    Hey Claire,

    Thanks for writing this!

    I can honestly say that the YNAB podcast has changed my life. The topics there have value whether you use their software or not. I have listened to almost every episode, and some more than once.

    I could say the same comment verbatim (sans software, get on it guys) for Listen Money Matters. I feel like Andrew and Matt are producing brilliant material, and yes, you guys have changed my life (I know you’ll see this since you are tight with the RFZ homies).

    I’m a Gen X-er, but what-evs. As long as the millennials don’t care, I’m on board.

    Thanks Claire for compiling this list. I will be adding the ones that are new to me to my BeyondPod and Feedly queues.

    Cheers, and keep up the good work.

    • Claire Murdough

      Happy to share my picks – thanks so much for reading 😀

      That’s awesome to hear about how you’ve used YNAB, it’s an amazing resource. AND YES Listen Money Matters is the BEST! Those guys have honestly managed to put pep into my commute (which is a challenge) and it’s been so much fun getting to know them.

      Thanks again for the comment and feel free let me know if there are any other topics you’d like to see addressed on the RFZ blog!

    • Hah, of course we’ll catch your comments – we lurk everywhere 😉

      Thank so much for the support and kind words Billiam! It’s stuff like this that gets me up in the morning.

      As for software, it’s definitely on the list since we’re both developers but we literally have so many awesome things that we still need to create that it’s a distant thought for now.

  • Wow! Thanks for including us, Claire!

    You’re right on: iTunes is frustrating for those of us who love to talk personal finance. You have to wade through a bunch of podcasts on building your business, hard-core stock strategies, and real estate podcasts to find that nugget. Thanks for including us on your list!

    I say “us” because while you mentioned me, our show wouldn’t be anything without the whole basement team, so I’d like to thank them: my partner OG, Len Penzo, Paula Pant, Suzanne Lucas (Evil HR Lady), PK and my mom’s neighbor Doug all make the podcast motor run.

    • Claire Murdough

      So excited to share your podcast, Joe!! You do GREAT work and I love listening in on new episodes. Huge kudos to your entire team 😀

  • Love the list! I listen to every single one of these 🙂

    • Claire Murdough

      Niiice!!! Have any other faves to add to the list?

      • I am a podcast junkie. As far as financial podcasts go, I also listen to Good Financial Cents and Dough Roller. Non-financial related podcasts are too many to list. Some of my favorites are This American Life, Radiolab and 99% Invisible.

        • Claire Murdough

          Nice!!! All great podcasts to add to the line-up – I’m kind of obsessed with 99% invisible!

  • Claire, omg, you’re the best! Thanks for not only including us on the list but ranking us #1 – Matt and I are beyond grateful!

    We seriously couldn’t do it without the incredible help and feedback you guys have been giving us as well as the undying support of our fans.

    Of course we love Ready For Zero and what you guys are doing to help people crush their debt. There is nothing that even comes close – especially in terms of automation and that only scratches the surface of our obsession with you guys!

    Keep being awesome and again, thank you so much for the recognition – it means the world to us!