Times Are A-Changin’ at ReadyForZero!

In May of 2010 our company was founded to use technology to bring relief to people struggling with debt.  Our mission is a personal one because difficult financial situations are extremely painful for everyone involved.  Almost 77% of American families (about 158 million!) have debt of some kind, and each of them would breathe easier if they felt confident they were on track to paying it off.

To say “we’ve come a long way” would be an understatement.  Since our founding less than a year ago, we’ve outgrown 3 offices and, more importantly, attracted top talent to join our growing team.  Our simple software is helping thousands of people pay down over $50 million in credit card debt.  Each day we’re adding new users.  And we won’t stop until our vision becomes a reality.  There are many exciting things on the way…

Today, we thought you might enjoy a few pictures that better illustrate how far we’ve come in the last 6 months.

Our humble office circa April 2010 was Ignacio’s dining room in his 2 bedroom apartment.  At that time, there were just 2 of us:

The living room/office

A few months later, after launching the first version of ReadyForZero, we moved into an office building in SOMA at 153 Townsend Street near AT&T Park:

Our first private space after moving out of Ignacio’s living room

Pushing the limits again after a small office upgrade in the same building, we had to move chairs around just so that people could sneak in and out:

A slightly crowded, but nevertheless happy group

Our new offices are located at 71 Stevenson Street in San Francisco, close enough to the SOMA district for us to maintain our startup credentials, yet right on the edge of the financial district to keep us motivated. This is the same building our friends at Lending Club call home as well.

Getting settled in our new home…

We’ll have to put something up on the walls soon

We hope that our growth brings a better service to more people faster.  We are passionate about helping our customers in their struggle to be debt free.  Our new team members, new facilities and expansion are all aimed at bringing our online financial software to everyone who needs it.

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  • Congrats! The new office looks great.

  • Congrats! The new office looks great.

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