Thank You For Calling Us — Here’s What Happens When You Do

Rod, CEO/co-founder of ReadyForZero talking with a ReadyForZero user.

Today (like many days) we received phone calls from a few of our users who had  questions about ReadyForZero and called us for answers. Often, when I pick up the phone, people are surprised to hear the CEO on the other end of the line, and I guess I would be too. What you don’t know is that it’s a privilege for me to talk to you because you give us the motivation necessary to improve our product and build our company. And… that’s why I wanted to write this blog post. Because — without your input — we would have a tough time understanding how to solve such a challenging problem (personal debt).

As CEO, addressing your concerns directly and openly is an important part of my job. If we didn’t engage with you, our team would have a difficult time knowing how to improve ReadyForZero and prioritize what to work on next. Luckily, sometimes it’s easy to make quick adjustments because we’re building software and updates can be released (almost) immediately. Other times, it’s much more difficult and we have to dig deeper to find the right solution that works under those circumstances.

One of the users I talked with today told me he had heard about us on the radio, but after signing up he wasn’t sure whether his personal data would be secure with ReadyForZero. He wondered: “What do you do with my data? Why do you need it?” In this case, he had stopped halfway through the sign-up process because we hadn’t done a good job of addressing these concerns upfront. I told him that we use bank-level security and encryption technology to keep users’ personal data safe. Security is always one of our highest priorities because we understand that the stakes are high. We don’t sell your information to others and can’t make changes to your account. We simply use your information to help you visualize and achieve your financial goals.

After talking with him, we used his feedback and immediately made the necessary updates to this step in the registration process. Based on my conversation with him, it sounded like he was going to finish signing up and he was excited to start using ReadyForZero.

As I mentioned earlier, I’m writing this post to tell you how important it is that you reach out and let us know your concerns. We take your input seriously and, more often than not, we take action on it! So be in touch, and we’ll keep working hard to make ReadyForZero meet your needs.

Call me anytime: (415) 738-8763.


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  • Lindan

    Hello, Rod- great idea, great approach. The question I have is about the “automated payments” upgrade. I would still like to be able to give the final approval on it before it goes out- I’ve seen a couple of other comments about this. How does it work here? Is it possible to some accounts on “auto” and not others? Thanks

    • Hi Lindan, we got your support email and we hope our response via email has answered your questions. If you have any further questions, feel free to email our support team again (help [at] Thanks, and good luck!

  • Edward Hutton

    Hello Everyone! Rod, I enjoy reading your blog and have gained from it. Signed up over the weekend and would like to add my Wal Mart card ( U.S, I see you only list the Canadian one ), not a big deal and that will sort itself out.

    Excellent idea and unique execution, at least from my perspective. My only real biz expertise was running a drink stand as a kid, and if I recall correctly, the neighborhood bully ripped me off. He is most likely doing hard somewhere unless he has changed his ways!

    Looking forward to Zeroing out and improving my financial situation from there.

    Even turned my ex wife on to you.

    • Hi Edward, that is so great to hear! I’m glad you have enjoyed using ReadyForZero (and our blog) so far. It always makes our day to hear positive feedback like that. With regard to the WalMart card, I would recommend checking back in a couple weeks and trying again. We do try to add as many accounts as possible, and WalMart is a big one.

      Also, thanks for sharing us with others – that helps us continue to grow. Oh, and sorry to hear about your unsettling lemonade stand experience as a young person – hopefully it wasn’t too traumatic! 🙂